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I stumbled upon Booksneeze in one of my random explorer bouts!  Booksneeze offers free books for review! Nice right?  And they're not eBooks either, for those of you who hate reading eBooks.  Create an account for yourself by following Mr. Linky!!!

Book Bloggers Anonymous (BBA) is the brilliant brainchild of Steph @ Papercut Reviews!  It's certainly turned into quite the success and bloggers from all over are participating!  If you like online book clubs, this is definitely for you!  Check it out HERE!

Blog Fest is an event I am very excited for!  Similar to Blogmania, but with no minimum monetary values, which makes it accessible to a lot more interested bloggers!  I plan to have a wonderful set of prizes that rang from books, music, movies, some random prizes here and there, and gift cards!  If you would like to participate in the wonderful festivities as well check out the page on Book Blogs

As the name suggests this is an ARC tour!  If there's one thing I love more than free books, it's free books BEFORE they're publicly released!!!!  These wonderful ladies always put together some great tours and always have the latest and hottest new books!   Join in the fun HERE