Saturday, July 31, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Woot!  My Summer Meltdown Conteset is officially over!  You guys definitely made this contest way more enjoyable and I'm glad I got to spread the sno-cone love!  ^.^ 

And the winners are!........

Congratulations everyone!  I had a 129 total entries once everything was tabulated.  And man was that a headache.  O.O  I've already emailed all the winners and they will soon be on their way via Book Depository!  You gotta love that site.  Free shipping.  *grins*  

Thank you again for everyone who entered and spread the word!  I won't be having another contest until my birthday, but I WILL be participating in Blogfest this September!  You know that cover re-design contest I won?  Well the hundred dollars is FINALLY heading my way.  And guess what I will be putting that money towards?  Oh yes.  Books.  And more books.  And a few gift cards.  Maybe t-shirts.  It hasn't been fully decided yet.  Lol.  Thanks again everyone!  You guys rock!  XP


Blueicegal ♥ said...

congrats guys! :)

Unknown said...

congrats everyone! I hope I entered, I kept seeing you say dont forget to enter and kept thinking that I did but I really dont remember!

Ky said...

yes you did Nikki. Lolz.

ALN said...

and congrats to you because I just randomly selected the winner for my contest and you won! I'm going to be getting Ironside soon since you already have Tithe and asked for the other one instead. I just need you to email me, or I will email you.

Eden said...

Congrats guys! Khadija, it seems like you win everything! Lol.