Monday, July 12, 2010

Sno-Cone Poll! + A Side Note

I am sad to say that there will be no more sno-cones.  :( Trust me, I'm depressed.  You know how much I love them!  I've had 8 fabulous sno-cones this summer (all too few in my opinion) and will more than likely not be getting more any time soon.  I had an absolutely great time doing this contest and I hope everyone enjoyed it!  If you haven't already entered then check out the rules HERE and fill out the form HERE

So I know I said that I'd have a poll up and the top 3 books would be the 3 prizes for the 3 winners.  Well frankly I think that's a bit unfair to the winners to be subjected to the whims of others voters.  So here's the deal.  There still will be 3 winners, but they get to pick their prize from the 8 books that I did a sno-cone on.  Here's where the poll comes into play.  You can still vote for your top 3 favorite hotties or (if you haven't read the books or are a guy) the top 3 books you would like to win.  Since I have gained over 150+ followers (THANK YOU SO MUCH) I'm going to add a fourth winner!  The poll will be open until July 30th and with the poll results the 4th winner will get the most popular voted book/hottie.  Make sense?  Three winners will get to pick their prizes, the 4th winner will receive the most popular book via the poll.  Sound like fun?  ^.^  So vote, vote, vote!  And get other people to vote.  Even if they don't want to enter the contest, I don't really care cuz the poll is supposed to be fun!  The poll is over to the right if you haven't already seen it.  :P

Thanks again to everyone who has entered this contest!  If you haven't entered or you want to spread the word, do so!  The entry form will still be open until July 30th as well.  An even bigger thank you to all my new followers!  It's really rewarding to know that people read the random and slightly psychotic things I write.  XD

And now onto the sad news.  You guys probably won't be seeing much of me for the next 13 days.  Why you may ask?  One word.  Detassling.  And what pray tell is detassling?  I shall give you a definition.

detassling -noun-1.  the act of removing the tassel from the corn stalk in order to prevent self pollination and  to create hybrid crops 2. the annual summer job from hell which includes waking up at 4:30 in the morning, walking through cornfields, getting rained on, walking through mud, stepping into spider webs, dealing with mentally immature so called teenagers with horrid crude humor, getting heat exhaustion, nasty port-o-potties, and not returning home until late in the afternoon. 

I tend to use definition 2 the most.  Add onto the fact that I'll still be working at my normal job (though only like twice a week) at night these next 13 days are looking rather bleak.  My one bright spark of hope is that since we're starting detassling so late (e.g. tomorrow) that I get to miss a good chunk of it because of Leadership Camp for band.  I'm a drum major this year so I can't really miss it, therefore I get to quit detassling early.  It's a small victory.  Trust me, I'll still be counting down the days.  So  yes this is also the reason there will be no further sno-cones.  Though I'm still hoping that I have not seen the last of my delicious frozen sugary treats. 

While hopefully, The Universe willing, I won't be COMPLETELY absent these next 2 weeks I'm going to try desperately to get on here and still do book reviews.  (I have lots coming from book tours plus all the ones I just recently bought O.O) So send your prayers to the rain and sun gods to let me not get rained on and to not get heat exhaustion... again.... Adios mi amigos!  Till we meet again!  


Beth ( said...

Detassling does not sound fun. I hope it goes by quickly for you! I remember a pretty crappy job working in a banana factory *shudder*, I still have trouble eating bananas! lol

Hopefully there'll be more snow cones! I need to find somewhere north of the border that sells them! I haven't had one in years!