Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review: Witch

Synopsis:  Mirei's extraordinary magic makes her the most powerful witch alive. By some she is hailed as a miracle, while others proclaim her to be an evil abomination...and vow to destroy those who champion her.
Now the different factions of witches engage in a bloody war, with magic, treachery, and murder. But both sides may be fighting for nothing. For the power that the rebel witches fear, the magic that Mirei alone possesses, is killing her. 


My Review: Heed the warning!  Obviously since this is the sequel there will be major spoilers for the first book, Warrior.  So if you ever plan on reading these books I advise you to read at your own peril.  

So I'm excited to say that I have converted to being an absolute lover of these books.  If you read my review of Warrior then you know the major aspect of the novel holding me back from loving it, was the lack of tension and action.  Witch certainly made up for it!  Oh my god!  Here's a progression of my thoughts as I read:  Well that's problematic- That is NOT good- Oh crap!-AH! NO!- Not again!-Oh shit!- OH SHIT!- *insert screams of horror here*  Okay so I'm a bit melodramatic, can ya blame me?  I literally had to shove my face into a pillow to keep from cursing outrageously loud towards the end.  I read half the book in one sitting, which was approximately 3 hours.  I wouldn't have stopped if I hadn't have had to go to work!  

Mirei, previously known as Miryo and Mirage, is the most powerful witch in the world.  After her two halves rejoined she now can access the mysterious magic of the Void, something no other witch can claim.  With her discovery of Void magic she causes many witches to start questioning their traditions and practices.  If Mirei was able to become one again and join with her doppelganger, which is supposed to be the antithesis of magic, then why had tradition dictated that doppelgangers must be killed?   The Witch's traditions and ideas are in upheaval, but not everyone is so accepting of Mirei and her new way.  There are factions of witches who view Mirei as an abomination, unholy in the Goddess's light.  They shun the Warrior, one of the five aspects of the Goddess, and vow to eliminate  Mirei from this world.  Mirei discovers that the Warrior, previously thought of only as an afterthought to the Goddess, is associated with the Void.  The doppelgangers are the distilled essence of the Warrior, and therefore rejoining with them is the only way for the witches to become truly whole.  

When Shimi, the Air Prime, leaves Starfall, stating that she will not return while the "abomination" still lives, tension builds.  The witches are now split.  Some believe in Mirei's new way, and some stick firmly by their life long traditions.  Shimi plans to go after the other doppelgangers who had been hidden away and kidnap their witch counterparts in order to kill them.  When Arinei, the Fire Prime, joins with Shimi things go from bad to worse.  The witches now have a war brewing.  While Mirei tracks down the doppelgangers that are at the Hunter schools, it is discovered that Eclipse has disappeared.  He has been captured by Shimi and her followers.  He is forced into a Blood Oath to hunt and kill Mirei, but would rather die than kill his dearest friend.  Vowed into silence to not reveal he is under a Blood Oath or his mission or the identity of his captors, he manages to let the witches know what has happened to him.  He set's himself to finding the rebel witches base of operations and tracking them so he can kill Shimi.  The Blood Oath is slowly killing him, since he refuses to even look for Mirei but he never gives up.  As you can well imagine I was greatly upset by this turn of events.  I really, REALLY like Eclipse.  He is probably my second favorite character!  He's strong and stealthy, (like a ninja :P ) calm, intelligent, loyal, and will sacrifice his own life to keep Mirei safe.  Plus he has blonde hair and blue eyes.  He is very dreamy in my head.  And oh guess what?! He has a sword!  Complete knock out just because of that.  XD Okay I'm done being a fan-girl, back to the review!

The story was just as excellently crafted as the first one.  Brennan has wicked skillz for writing amazing twisted plots that the reader NEVER sees coming.  I was constantly guessing throughout the entire novel.  Between trying to figure out all the new implications to the witches traditions, the mystery of the Void, why Mirei's new powers are having negative effects on her, worrying about Eclipse, and trying to guess what the rebel faction of witches would do next I was left in complete awe.  Utterly fantastic.  What else can I say?  I about cried when I got to the Epilogue because it was almost over.  I was severely depressed.  Mainly because I know that that was truly the end.  This isn't a trilogy no matter how much I want it to be.  Plus I felt that Eclipse's and Mirei's relationship was totally left horribly open.  Granted it was left open and it was indicated that it was going to go further, but still.  I have this insatiable craving for something steamy to happen between the two.  Wish not granted.  :(  Oh well, that's what my imagination is for.  Lol.  Oh and one more thing.  How genius are the two covers?  Warrior looks like it should be titled Witch, and Witch looks like it should be titled Warrior!  Brilliant move for the publishers.  Not only does it hint at the duality of Mirage and Miryo but it also has undertones of the Warrior aspect of the Goddess and her role in becoming a full witch.  Genius I say! 

If you're looking for a beautifully crafted, unique, and intense story then these books are a MUST! 


Faye( Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm) said...

never heard of this book! i definitely check it out. Gorgeous. cover.

Blueicegal ♥ said...

ohh sounds amazing looks like i will have to look it up fab review hun ;)

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