Saturday, July 3, 2010

Review: Pack of Lies

Synopsis: When Jack is attacked by a powerful werewolf one moonlit night, his world is forever changed. Marcus is that wolf, the strong leader of his pack, who never imagined a mere mortal could ever escape him, much less ever become one of his kind. And yet, as time passes, he can\'t deny the handsome human is slowly beginning to change. No longer the civilized architect he used to be, Jack feels a new power coalescing inside of him. He barely even recognizes himself as he becomes more sexual, more impulsive, more wild in every way. But as the bite transforms him, it also binds he and his attacker together forever. The two share a powerful unbreakable link, no matter how forcefully they may each try to deny it. Marcus is already hiding secrets from the other wolves, and his position as Alpha is threatened. Could Jack be the new ally Marcus needs to set things right, or will their desire for one another draw them away from all they know and alter the course of their lives forever?

My Review: First of all I have to say thank you to Leilani for getting me interested in this wonderful book, and a HUGE thank you to Vanessa for sending me a review copy!  I absolutely loved it!  Pack of Lies was my first M/M novel (other than Magnus/Alec fanfic because I am like the biggest fangirl ever of those two) and I have to say that I'm now hooked on this genre.  ^.^ 

I was hooked from the very first page.  It immediately pulls you into the world, a mix of pack loyalty, dominance, fear, and sex.  I really enjoyed the pack politics and rules.  Marcus is the Alpha of the pack, though his position in power is very precarious and he risks losing his position if the rest of the pack ever found out about his sexual preference.  

Jack is almost a complete opposite to Marcus.  While Marcus is ruled by the wild life of a werewolf, full of danger and unbridled passion, Jack is an architect happy to put on a happy face for clients and live a normal life.  His life is structured, normal, and boring, that is until one fateful full moon.  Jack and Marcus's paths cross and neither of them are left unaffected by the other.  Drawn together by their connection, everything in both of their lives is about to change.  

Pack of Lies had the perfect blend of plot and romance.  I hate it when there is just wall to wall sex scenes that leave no room for the plot (as my dear faux Canadian friend once put it ) so I was ecstatic that Pack of Lies had such a balance.  If the synopsis doesn't promise a great love story then just look at the cover!  *melts*  Oh deary... *fans self*  I literally devoured this in one night.  I kid you not.  I received it, I started reading it in-between watching episodes of InuYasha, and finished it that very night.  It was THAT good.  I just couldn't put it down.  The romance was wonderfully done I must say.  It wasn't all lust and desire, but the relationship actually had a foundation!  I know, I know.  I rant about the lack of foundations in romantic relationships all the time, but that just shows how much I truly enjoyed this novel.  Marcus is used to being the Alpha, is always dominant, and everyone always submits to him without question.  When the bond between Marcus and Jack only strengthens, he discovers that having an equal in a romantic relationship is the best thing to have happened to him. 

Overall, I greatly enjoyed this book.  If you're a fan of M/M this is a MUST!  Thank you to Vanessa once again for letting me review your book!  I really enjoyed it!  ^.^  To learn more about this wonderful book there is a blog tour going on all of July!  Below is the schedule and links to all the blogs participating as well as an awesome book trailer! 

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