Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm back!

So I know I told y'all that I would be gone for pretty much two weeks.  Well the funny thing about detassling is that it's outdoors.  Apparently 97+ degree weather plus 80% humidity does not agree with me.  Every day I worked I ended up getting heat exhaustion, i.e. getting goosebumps when it was almost 100 degrees out, feeling light headed, horrible headaches, and my stomach doing flip flops.  To say the least I had enough after the fourth day.  I'm kind of glad that I quit, but at the same time... ALL THAT MONEY!  Just gone.  Out of my grasp.  So sad.  Then again I'm glad I will not be getting any further blisters, heat rashes, burns, and sunburns.  Just gah.  I fail to see how the first four days of this year could be worse than all previous three  years combined  *shakes head*  So ya.  I'M BACK!  And I won't be going anywhere soon.  ^.^

I'm kind of shocked that I'm still getting entries for The Sno-Cone Summer Meltdown Contest.  Keep it coming peeps!  And people are actually voting on the poll!  *gasp*  Maybe I'm just easily pleased.  And 180+ followers!  Wow guys!  I am sure feeling the love!  Thanks so much! 

So there's really not much to this post besides that.  :/ Just one more thing.  I'm going to be participating in Blogfest and I wanted some input on what books everyone would love to have as prizes.  Your thoughts?  Ideas other than books?  I'm hoping to have a wide range of prizes so any new ideas would be much appreciated!  But seriously, tell me what you want!  :P

Woops!  One more thing!  It's once again time to decide what BBA (Book Bloggers Anonymous) will be reading for the month of August!   Unfortunately I never got the chance to read Mind Games (it's still sitting on my computer waiting to be read...)  so I am even more excited for August's book.  It's Chas's turn to host this month so go visit her blog Lovin' and Livin' Life in the 808 and vote for which book we read!  Psst!  Please vote for Dark Oracle!  I REALLY want to read it!  Plus I already bought it.  XD  Please, please, please, go vote!  Please and thank you!  ^.^