Monday, July 12, 2010

Contests around the Blogosphere

So I have been totally MIA lately and low and behold as soon as I manage to actually get onto Blogger I see all these amazing contests!  Is this a sign?!  I think it is.  Lol.

The Bodacious Pen is having an amazing contest!   First prize get's an ARC of The Clockwork Angel plus some amazing swag!  I know I am DYING to read it and all that swag is drool worthy!  Plus second and third prize book choices are pretty amazing as well!  Head on over and check it out!  It promises to be an awesome contest!

Sophistikatied Reviews is also having an awesome giveaway!  Katie is giving away an ARC of Paranormalcy which I'm sure everyone is just dying to read (I know I am!)  I've been chasing this book around the blogosphere for what seems like ever and if anything I just want it more!  Check it out!  Plus make sure and view some of Katie's amazing fan-art.  It is utterly drool worthy. ^.^
21 Pages is having a huge ARC Giveaway!  Here’s your chance to win ARCs of CLOCKWORK ANGEL, PARANORMALCY, DELIRIUM, LINGER, FIRELIGHT, THE IVY and LINGER!(I think Linna was doubly excited for Linger... *giggles*)  It is an amazing prize pack and it's international!  Shoo shoo!  Away with you!  Go enter!
And last but not least Karie @ A Good Addiction is teaming up with Lost for Words and Pirate Penguin Reads to have an awesome Fall Release Six Title Contest!  There will be 6 different winners!  One for each of the six books! Prizes include: The Replacement, Firelight, Beautiful Darkness, Matched, Torment, and Personal Demons.  These will be finished products, not ARC's , and will be ordered through the Book Depositry.  There are some awesome titles featured, so definitely go check it out! 

And that is all!  For now... Lolz.  Good luck everyone!  I know I'm dying to read a lot of these books too! 


flanpnhfpnanfnFN said...

can you add mine to that list? *bats eye-lashes* pretty please???

Ky said...

Uh sorry Khadija, didn't even see your contest till after this post! *headdesk* I'll try and do a post promoting it later this week.