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Review: Order of Terminus

Blood Heat Synopsis: Detective Josie Lewis, a homicide investigator, finds herself looking into two brutal murders in her Illinois town. When a tall sexy suspect makes an appearance she has no idea the turn her life is about to take. Can she trust Grant Stone, or will she become another murder victim?

Blood Desires Synopsis: Kate Andrews' discovers the diary of her nineteen year old missing sister. When the police offer little help she decides to try to find the girl on her own. The diary leads her to incredibly sexy identical twin brothers, Aiden and Remann, Remann being her prime suspect in her sister's disappearance. As she investigates, Kate finds herself falling helplessly under Aiden's seductive spell even as Remann hopes to weave a spell of his own.

Blood Mercy Synopsis:   Valerie McIntyre lived a life of strict control, as a Hunter in the Order of Terminus it was a necessity. Life had left her hard and rough around the edges, which suited Valerie just fine until she meets an intriguing vampire during a hunt. Remann is devastating in both looks and charm, and leaves Valerie feeling vulnerable and burning with lust. As their passion explodes Valerie learns something about Remann that leaves her with a difficult decision--does she trust her heart or turn against her incredibly sexy vampire with the mismatched eyes?

I received these three books to review from Kelly @ DemonLover's Book Reviews & More!  Thanks a bunch Kelly!  Instead of reviewing each book (because well frankly I don't feel like writing three separate reviews)  I'll just review the three books all at once.  ^.^ Yes, because I'm lazy like that.  Onto the review!

My Review: As  you may have guessed from the synopsis The Order of Terminus books are about a secret society of Hunters who's mission is to keep the Vampire world and the human world separate.  The whole premise for having a whole sect of the vampire community out there keeping the peace, so to speak, was very cool.  Kind of gives you the mental picture of vampire gunslingers from the wild west.  *imagines this for a sec*   Uhm... never mind.  I don't want to explore that train of thought.  O.O

Aside from the very disturbing mental image I just had... I have kind of mixed feelings about these books.  I thought the idea was really cool, yet I think the execution just didn't live up to the story.  These books are only about 50 pages, so events moved WAY fast.   I just wish that these could have been at least 100 pages.  The plot moved way too fast for my taste, especially in the first one.  These had all the potential to be REALLY great books, but because of the lack of tension and plot development they fell a bit flat.  They were still enjoyable reads, don't get me wrong, but they just didn't reach their full potential. 

I enjoyed all of the characters and thought they were all unique.  The only things they truly shared was that they all enjoyed kinky sex.  And lots of it.  It's safe to say that I'm not the biggest fan of erotica.  A little bit is okay once and a while.  In these books there is LOTS of sex.  Hey, if that's your thing then you'll probably enjoy them more than I did.  Honestly though, I could have done without  a lot of it.  Erotica's just not my thing.  *shrugs* 

That's pretty much all my thoughts on these books.  I hope I'm not discouraging anyone from reading these.  They were good, honestly.  They just were out of my comfort genre.  The story was a really unique idea and I loved the idea of Dissenters (rogue vampires).  It made for a very action packed story, but things just developed a little too rapidly for my taste.  If  you're looking for a quick read with vampires and lots of steamy sex then these are definitely for you.  Thanks again Kelly for sending these to me!  Maybe in the future I'll be a bit more open minded towards erotica.  Lol. 

And on a side note here...Kelly is going to RomCom!  Woot!  If anyone would like to help out, Kelly is accepting donations to help pay for the expenses!  Having that much fun at RomCom can be expensive so any donations would be much appreciated! To donate click HERE!  The donate button is on Kelly's sidebar! 

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Review: Soulless + Sno Cone!

Synopsis: Alexia Tarabotti is laboring under a great many social tribulations. First, she has no soul. Second, she's a spinster whose father is both Italian and dead. Third, she was rudely attacked by a vampire, breaking all standards of social etiquette.

Where to go from there? From bad to worse apparently, for Alexia accidentally kills the vampire -- and then the appalling Lord Maccon (loud, messy, gorgeous, and werewolf) is sent by Queen Victoria to investigate.

With unexpected vampires appearing and expected vampires disappearing, everyone seems to believe Alexia responsible. Can she figure out what is actually happening to London's high society? Will her soulless ability to negate supernatural powers prove useful or just plain embarrassing? Finally, who is the real enemy, and do they have treacle tart?

My Review: I loved, loved, LOVED this book! I found this book deliciously fresh, funny, and just utterly fantastic!  Did you like my alliteration?  Lolz.  I've heard good things about this book for a while now and when I saw it at my local bookstore I just HAD to buy it!  And I am ever so glad I did! 

I love historical fiction, so intertwining 19th century England with the paranormal was just my cup of tea.  ^.^ Oh dear, I'm going to be making very bad jokes throughout this review.  I found Alexia's character most hilarious!  She was a great mix of a proper English lady and a horribly upfront and rude snob.  It was most endearing to say the least.  If I was ever magically transported back in time to Victorian England I imagine I would act much like Alexia.    She's well read, says what's on her mind, and doesn't take any crap from anyone, including the sexy Lord and werewolf Connal Maccon.  Alexia is different from the average English woman more so than her snarky attitude.  She is darker skinned and has a Roman nose thanks to her Italian father.  She not only inherited her physical traits from her father, but his lack of a soul as well. 

One of the aspects I loved so much about this novel was the supernatural characters! The common held explanation for the existence of vampires, werewolves, and ghosts is an over excess of soul.  I thought that this was highly original and I greatly enjoyed the new twist on the supernatural world.  I loved how the author kept certain aspects of tradition vampire and werewolf lore the same, and still added her own twist.  Werewolves can change into their wolf form on command, but every full moon they HAVE to change and loose all control and become rampaging monsters.  Vampires have also been tweaked slightly.  They still can't go out in the daylight but their social structure is very different.  There are vampire Hives and only the Queens of the Hives can create a new vampire.  This almost feudal system of vampire society was very cool in my opinion and I greatly enjoyed it.  In particular I adored Lord Akeldama!  As a review from Amazon put it "Alexia's outrageous, italic-wielding gay best vampire friend."  He was utterly adorable and hysterical!  I wish he was MY best friend.  He would give me the best fashion advice and call me silly pet names like muffin and petunia.  ^.^

Overall it was just simply a fantastic read that I could not put down!  I only wish I got to read it all in one sitting!  I came across the sequel a few weeks ago and I almost bought it but I hadn't had a chance to read the first one yet so I didn't buy it.  I'm wishing I had!  I'm dying for the sequel! 

And onto the sno-cone!  And hey guess what?  Google docs is stupid!  It said that my form hadn't been accessed since May 30th and surprise surprise when I actually went and opened the file people had been filling it out all June!  Imagine my delight.  ^.^  Once again here's the LINK if you haven't already entered!

Sno-Cone Flavor: Frog in a Blender (Green apple and tutti frutti)
 Taste: Anything that has the name "Frog in a Blender" is just utterly fantastical

Are you wondering why there was barely a mention of sexy werewolf Lord Maccon?  Haha!  Not to worry!  I was saving the best for last!  *wink*  Lord Maccon is everything a young English lady could ever want.  He's a Lord, an earl, works for the Queen, is very good looking, and oh, did I mention he was a werewolf?  He's the Alpha of the local pack, and though he doesn't look it, he's over 200 years old.  Oh and did I mention he is Scottish?  Is it just me or are Scottish accents just HAWT.  Well Scottish, Irish, and British accents are all rather delicious.  I loved that whenever he was particularly flustered or angry he slipped back into his Scottish manner of speaking.  It was very adorable.  ^.^   Besides his hot accent he is also pretty hot himself.  He's sturdily built like any Alpha werewolf would be and has the temper to boot.  He's rather a bit of a hot head and he and Alexia match wits more than a few times.  His attempts at behaving like a proper English gentleman often backfire and he's not afraid to get down and dirty in the back of a carriage.  XD

Melt-Rating:  Evaporated.  I'm an utter goner for this sexy werewolf.   

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Belated Sno-Cone

I'm a horrible person I know.  Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  It's kind of been a rough week, the details of which I won't bore you with because frankly it's my own personal little drama and I don't need to be upsetting others over it.  I just would like to say thank you to Aly real quick.  Thank you for sharing your concern.  Means a lot, really.  *hugs*  

So this is officially two days late.  I know, I know.  How could I forget the wonderful sugary deliciousness that is a sno-cone?!  I didn't... I was just too lazy to actually do a post for it.  :P  Once again here's the LINK if you haven't already entered! (Hint, hint: I would really appreciate it if everyone would pass the word around for this!  I haven't had a person enter since May.  O.O  Sad day... unless of course you all are just conspiring to keep the knowledge of this giveaway to yourselves!  How shameful of you.  Tisk tisk)  It's one in the morning...  Don't look at me like that!

Sno-Cone Flavor: Strawberry margarita
Taste: All the wonderful taste of a real margarita minus the tequila.

So ya'll know I'm Faerie obsessed right?  HA!  PSYCHE!  Gotcha didn't I!  Nope this character is not a faerie by any means.  (I apologize... I didn't eat supper till 10:30 and for some reason that brisket has got me wired O.O  It was a very delicious brisket though) This hottie is definitely paranormal though, just of a different variety.  ^.^  My second favorite paranormal boy toy obsession has got to be angels, and who better fits that category than Patch from Hush, Hush?  Dark, bad boy, mysterious, and dangerous.  Cue drooling any time now.  Add in the fact that the cover model is just the most delicious eye candy EVA well you know why he's on my Hottie List.  XD  I admit it, Patch is a bit of an asshole.  Okay... he's a very big asshole and usually I find that as a turn off.  Patch was so thoughtful at times that it was hard not to fall for his bad boy charm.  Those moments were hard to find between all the sarcasm and double meaning word games but still, it counts.  In the end he does what is right and listens to what his heart is telling him instead of being blinded by his desires.  This makes him okay in my book.   I'm dying to see how his and Nora's relationship develops in Crescendo!  I can't wait to get my claws on it.  *insert evil laugh here*  

Melt-Rating: A rather large puddle (it's because of the wings, you know it's true)

And I think I have officially gone off the deep end.  Oh dear.  I better stop before I regret saying something completely and totally insane.  Hasta luego mi filles!  I just mixed Spanish and French didn't I... okay that's it.  Getting off right now!  *runs away* 

Review: Spy Glass

Synopsis: An undercover mission leads to danger, adventure and an impossible choice. After siphoning her own blood magic in the showdown at Hubal, Opal Cowan has lost her powers. She can no longer create glass magic. More, she's immune to the effects of magic. Opal is now an outsider looking in, spying through the glass on those with the powers she once had, powers that make a difference in the world. Until spying through the glass becomes her new power. Suddenly, the beautiful pieces she makes flash in the presence of magic. And then she discovers that someone has stolen some of her blood - and that finding it might let her regain her powers. Or know it could be they are lost forever.

My Review: You all know how much of a fangirl I am for anything Maria V. Syder writes. Spy Glass was no exception!  When I saw this on NetGalley I literally squealed.  Loudly.  And I may or may not have scared the hell out of my cat... The conclusion to Sea Glass left me so on edge and begging for more that I couldn't wait to dive into Spy Glass.  I even went back and re-read the first two so that I'd have the story fresh in my mind.  I just fell in love with these books all over again.  It's going to be SO HARD to not spoil anything so mostly I'm just going to succumb to my utter fan-girlism and talk about characters and my loves of the book. 

Opal has just made the ultimate sacrifice.  In order to save those she loved and all of Sitia from the power hungry Warpers, Opal has drained herself of all of her magic.  However, Opal doesn't just become a regular old citizen.  She is now immune to magic, much like Valek.  Without her glass magic, Opal feels like she has lost an essential part of her.  Being able to feel magic all around her, but not access it, is a new type of torture for Opal.  She can't even bring herself to work with glass, an unpleasant reminder of what she has lost.  At the beginning of the story, I admit it, I was rather annoyed with Opal.  She was moping, no denying it, and it kind of annoyed me.  Thank goodness her moping lasted for about ten pages and then she spurred herself into action.  After a rather surprising visit from Valek, who is "practically family" as Opal's mother puts it, Opal realizes that her blood is still out there and that there is a chance for her to reclaim her magic.  Her realization of course sparks off another whirl wind adventure. 

I greatly admire Opal's character.  She is so caring towards others and has such a tender heart that I can't help but hold her in awe.  She is not the type of person to just sit back and watch the people she cares about be hurt.  She takes matters into her own hands and DOES something about it.  Opal makes mistakes, just like the rest of us, and it humanizes her.  She's not super woman and definitely not a Damsel in Distress, though Janco's always pleased to answer any DID calls.  ^.^  At the end of Sea Glass I just KNEW she was going to get involved in spying.  And of course I was right, because I always am.  *grins*  And of course who better to teach her all the tricks of the trade?  Valek of course!  Yes I am pleased to say that Valek makes many appearances in Spy Glass.  As well as Janco and Ari.  Those two are possibly the best duo ever.  Opal spends grueling months training with Valek, learning to hide her emotions, read others, and of course scaling walls.  While training with Valek, Opal takes up glass making again.  She delights in being able to blow glass for the first time in her life, and her skills grow quickly. 

While in Fulgor, Opal visits Devlen in prison.  Devlen, was a blood magic driven Warper who seduced and tortured Opal, has made a commitment to change.  In Sea Glass, Opal thought the "reformed man" was just an act and didn't trust Devlen at all.  Even when Devlen saved her life and helped her escape she still had her doubts, reasoning that he had to have some ulterior motive.   That all changes when Devlen willingly goes to jail.  Yelena purged him of blood magic and examined his soul and even vouched for him.  He is willing to pay for his past crimes and the atrocities he committed and is nothing but honest with Opal.  He admits that while he was pretending to be Ulrick, he fell in love with Opal and wants nothing more than to gain her friendship and trust.  He doesn't expect to be forgiven and it just makes it all the more endearing to me.  Opal soon realizes that she has feelings for Devlen that she can't rationalize away.  One of the sweetest moments in the book was when Devlen said that all he hoped for after he was released was to be with Opal.  No matter what she chose to do, he would always be content to be with her.  The most touching moment in the whole book was when the meaning to the Ixian battle ruins on Opals switchblade was revealed.  I offer my heart, I entrust my soul, and give my life for you. Now for the life of me I cannot remember WHO gave Opal her switchblade or who carved the ruins in it, but I have a feeling it was Devlen.  (If you know, please tell me, cuz it's driving me crazy!)

One of the things I love about Maria V. Snyder is that she keeps the pace of the story all the way through the book.  It's always one thing after another. Another problem arises and dash!  Off to fix it.  Nothing plays out nicely and there are always unexpected surprises.  I have to say that the last 70 or so pages had me hunched over my desk, clutching the mouse, and staring wide eyed at my computer.  I have never felt more horrified while reading a book.  I'm pretty sure I gasped out loud about 7 times. It just kept going from bad to worse.  It was terrifying to say the least.  Just thinking about the atrocities that were planned makes me shudder.  It was so incredibly sick and twisted that I felt real hate towards some characters.   Usually when bad things happen towards the end of a book I'm just like "Ya everything's going to turn out okay."  I severely doubted that would be the case towards the end of Spy Glass.  I was just waiting for someone to die.  I was that on edge.  Man... I can barely talk about it.  I don't think I have ever been that on edge while reading a book.  Intense is the only possible way I can think of to describe it. 

Don't worry!  It doesn't end with a cliff hanger.  O.O God I would have died!  *shudders*  Ah that is just too horrible to even think about.  To say I absolutely loved it would be an understatement.  Opals character grew so much and her relationship with Devlen as well.  The plot had me excited and on edge the entire time and the horrifying ending was worth it.  I am happy to report Spy Glass  is yet another amazing novel from Maria V. Snyder! 

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News @ CFB (2) + Sno Cone!

Around the Blogosphere
 Eleni @ La Femme Readers is celebrating her 25th birthday!  Woot!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I feel so young in comparison.  Being a teenager sucks.  Well... not really but still.  I'm sure everyone knows the feeling.  Lolz.  And to celebrate she and Kari @ A Good Addiction have teamed up to do a fantastic Summer YA Bash Giveaway! If you think that sounds exciting just wait until you see the prizes.  *cue drooling*   There will be 6 winners all chosen by and it's international!  Yay for you Brits, Aussies, and Faux Canadians! (Beth you are going to regret the day you ever said that :P ) And the prizes are:
See?  I totally called the drooling.  XD  The prizes are not ARC's but will be finished pre-ordered copies.  As I'm sure all of you are dying to get your dirty little hands on all of these wonderful titles, just like I am, don't just sit there!  Shoo!  Go enter! 

In conclusion to the fantabulously awesome week with Missy Jane the TTBG is giving away a copy of They Call Me Death!  I'd like to thank Missy again for working with us, and making this a wonderful week!  It was a joy talking with you and being able to pick your brain.  :)  Beth @ Maybe Tomorrow?  finished off the tour and has the form to enter!  Head on over!  We're hoping to make this a regular occurrence with TTBG and we're all excited that our first tour has had such a great response!  If you haven't had a chance to read the amazing pre-quel to They Call Me Death all five installments are linked to below! 

Part 1- Amanda @ Not-Really-Southern Vamp Chic
Part 2- Steph@ Papercut Reviews 
Part5- Beth@ Maybe Tomorrow?

Andrea @ Loud Words & Sounds has a fantastic idea in the works.  Her brilliant brain child Creative Stories will  feature bloggers, artist, and authors!  All you have to do is contact Andrea if  you are interested.  It's a wonderful way to get to know some amazing people!  

Also in Andrea's neck of the woods, she still has her 100 Followers Contest going!  Remember it doesn't end until July 1st so ENTER, ENTER ENTER!  

Leilani @ Leilani Loves Books has officially kicked off her 100 Followers and Birthday Bash!  Woot!  She's currently giving away the first 3 installments of Laura Stamps' A Vampire's Kiss.  I had the pleasure of talking with Laura during Leilani's interview and she is a riot!  Her books are hot and steamy and you can't help but fall in love with the characters!  The fun is just beginning with her awesome giveaway so make sure to stop in regularly to see all the amazing prizes!  I'll be mailing my contribution to her contest The Iron King by Julie Kagawa this week.  Hopefully... I'm a horrible procrastinator I know!  I just can't force myself to actually get out of the house and mail the darn thing! 

Aly@ Fantasy4Eva has a great new meme going on titled "Put a Ribbon on It" where you get to check in on some of Aly's favorite bloggers and other updates as well.  
Aly has also started up a new blog titled "I Have a Dream."  It's tough work maintaining two different blogs so definitely stop by and take a peek because it's super adorable!  ^.^

My world
And what's happening in my neck of the woods?  Not much to say the least.  Somehow I miraculously got five days off of work IN A ROW!  I about screamed for joy when I looked at my schedule.  This is truly an anomaly in my world so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.  And yes, yes!  As the title implies there is a sno-cone involved!  It's been a bit since I last got one, and it tasted oh so good.  Once again here's the LINK if you haven't already entered! 
Sno-Cone Flavor: Sunset (pink lemonade and passion fruit)
Taste: Yummy-ful!  Who doesn't love pink lemonade?! 

Okay so I have a weakness for any character from Maria V. Snyder.  So soon, you may wonder?  Yes.  Yes, indeed.  *hangs head in shame*  I just can't help myself!  I honestly can't!  I'm reading Spy Glass right now and I'm pretty sure I have a constant stream of drool running out of my mouth.  It's just so wonderful!  And who makes it wonderful you may wonder?  Devlen.  I know, I know!  He was a bad guy!  Was, being the key word!  He's trying to atone for his past misdeeds and he is just so sweet now. The brilliant blue eyes, the rugged scare on his neck, the long black hair, and the build of a warrior.  I'm weak, what can I say?  I have a thing for bad boys.  Sorry Kade, you're sweet and amazing, but Devlen is just WAY better.  Plus he is wicked with a sword.  XD  I'm eager to find out how Spy Glass ends so I better stop babbling!  Gotta finish it!  

Melt Rating: Puddle in the hot sun (soon to be evaporated) 

And I just have to say one other thing totally irrelevant.  Janco rocks!  He is like the cutest most adorable little puppy dog who rhymes while he fights six men!  Epic!  That is all.  :) 

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My Dream Cast for Tithe

Remember Alisha's super creative contest for Tithe?  Well if you don't check out her awesome contest HERE! I finally got my cast list put together!  Woot!  Took me FOREVER!  And while I didn't get everyone to match exactly how I pictured them, I'm satisfied.  ^.^

I picture Emma Stone as Kaye.  I love Emma's freckles and she has naturally squinty eyes so I think she's a perfect match for Kaye.  Throw some blonde hair on her and some sweet outfits and you got your girl!  
For Roiben who better than Ben Barnes?  Besides being a total hottie, he's got the amazing bone structure going on.  Plus he already knows how to wield a sword.  Perfect! Can you say hottie?!

So I know Lizzy Caplan is way too old to play Janet, but her look just matches EXACTLY how I picture Janet.  Ironically enough Lizzy played Janet off of Mean Girls.  Is this fate?!  
And who better to play the nerdy Corny than Jesse Eisenberg.  Jesse is just sooo freakin adorable!  And completely hysterical in Zombieland.  Love that kid! 

Who to play Kaye's eccentric mother?  I couldn't really bring anyone to mind but I thought Heather Graham could pull off the druggie/rock/ wannabe mother very well. 

And who in the world could play the Seelie Queen Silarial?!  Julianne Moore of course! 

And who to play her opposite the Unseelie Queen Nicnevin?  The first person who came to mind was Tilda Swinton.  She just plays the best bad guys! 

And just for fun I threw in Bryce Dallas Howard as Roiben's sister.  (I can't recall her name)  But she is just so gorgeous in this pic! 

Wow... I didn't realize how many red-heads I picked.  Lolz.  Maybe I just love red hair... ya that's probably it.  It's just such a pain in the ass to get out of your hair though!  :P


Look what I found!!!!!! *squee!!!!* 

EXCITED!!! I'm totally flipping out right now! YAY!  And Ben Barnes looks HAWT with scruff! 

Epic Blogs!

So frankly I was bored.  I'm watching Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist and I'm cruising around on the internet and eating Girl Scout cookies at the same time.  Pathetic I know.  I have no life. On the positive side I found some really cool blogs!  They are both super adorable and I love their templates!  I don't know how I haven't stumbled upon them before!  Both of them are having some awesome stuff going on right now!

The Undercover Book Lover is having a Paranormal Five Giveaway!  She has ARC's of Pegasus by Robin McKinley, Paranormalcy by Kiersten White, Nightshade by Andrea Cremer, Halo by Alexandra Adornetto, and The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller.   Can you tell I'm drooling?  It's like all the books I'm dying to read all in one! 

Hooked On YA Books is also having a Cover Remake Contest!  The artist in me is gawking at these beautiful cover designs and I'm wishing I had epic Photoshop skillz.  If I actually knew how to use Photoshop that is. :/  All of them are just absolutely gorgeous and I applaud all the contestants.  I'm insanely jealous right now.  INSANELY jealous.  Lolz.  Go vote for these insanely beautiful covers! 

Interview with Missy Jane + Part 3

Missy Jane week continues!  Today I'm very happy to announce that Missy Jane has stopped by and answered some questions about her amazing novel They Call Me Death!  

Tell us a bit about yourself :) 
Well, I am first and foremost a mother of four and wife. I've been married for fourteen years and my family is my life.

What inspired you to start writing? 
I was reading a really great book and when it ended I wanted more to happen in that world. So I sat down and started writing it, but then it turned into something completely different and became my own. That's when I realized I could write!
How did this tale of shifters/mankind come about and what gave you this brilliant idea?
The image of Alexia Williams standing on the wall with her machine gun in hand popped into my head and wouldn't go away. I was writing something else at the time, but she wouldn't leave me alone until I figured out her story and wrote it.

Where were you at the time the idea for They Call Me Death popped into your head and did it change much to the final version?
I was sitting at my computer deciding on how to finish a completely different story when she arrived. Her image has stayed constant though the finer points of her character changed a bit.
Do you have a "writing haven" where you go to brain storm or scribble down ideas? 
Nope. Ideas hit me at all times and in all places. I've learned to carry a pen and paper with me everywhere ;-)

Where is the strangest place you have ever wrote/read? 
I "wrote" the entire dialogue for a fantasy novel (unpublished) while playing racquetball over the course of a couple of months. As soon as I would finish I'd grab pen and paper to write it down before I forgot it.
Is Alexia based off of anyone you know? 
No, but she was inspired by Anita Blake, Mercy Thompson and Dante Valentine. (Laurell K Hamilton, Patricia Briggs and Lillith Saintcrow)
If shifters were to "come out" into today's society do you think the results would be similar?   
Most likely, yes. The whole reason for the violence was because humans wanted to experiment on them when they wanted to come out peacefully. I fully believe humans in today's society would have a similar reaction.

Why did you choose to make Andor a Golden Eagle? 
I love Eagles. I think they are beautiful, majestic creatures and I'd never read of a shifter Eagle before. Wolves and cats are done so often, I figured a predatory bird needed his turn too ;-)
What's the most difficult part of putting the characters in your head onto paper? 
Not knowing everything about them until they tell me. Lol, I know that makes me sound a bit crazy, but I really don't know what's going to happen until I write it.
Were there any scenes in They Call Me Death that were difficult to write?  Emotionally or just writers block? 
Not in that actual book but in the prequel, fleshing out Alexia's loss of her family was very hard. In the next one, Emily goes through some very difficult situations that really upset me too.

Any plans for a sequel?  I know I'm dying for more!
Oh yes! I'm tweaking it and plan to submit it to my editor very soon. It's Emily's story.
If you could be any animal shifter, what would it be? 
I'm partial to cats, but I'd really love to fly at least once. But wouldn't turning into a dragon be really cool? If we're considering mythological too, then definitely a dragon.

Thank you for having me on your blog!!!
-Missy Jane

Thanks so much Missy for doing an interview!  (Even though I was REALLY late on actually sending the questions.  Shame on me, I know.)

And drumroll please.... here is part 3 of the prequel! 

Alexia’s First Battle
      Alexia’s first instinct was to run down the long driveway leading from her ranch house, through the gate and into the next to get to Kitty. Her friend was always so calm under stress. When the world stopped making sense, Kitty would know what to do. Hank had yelled for her as she ran out the door, but she was confident he’d follow along with Michael. Their neighborhood remained still and quiet. She’d always loved living in a small town in southern New Mexico. Now it might be the only thing that kept her family safe.
      Kitty stood on her darkened porch. Lights shining from the windows behind her created a familiar silhouette. Alexia couldn’t make out her face in the gloom, but sensed Kitty was watching her run up the gravel driveway. Voices sounded from within the open doorway and Alexia wondered if they had seen the newscast also. Leander wasn’t prone to show emotion over most things, but Alexia guessed he’d be as ready to grab a rifle as Hank had been. She slowed as she neared the porch steps.
      “K-Kitty. Did you…watch the news? Did you…see?” she panted as she stopped to catch her breath.
      She stood at the bottom of the steps one hand on the railing as she raised a foot to ascend. She lifted her head to look into Kitty’s face and froze. A sense of foreboding snaked up her spine as she took in Kitty’s neutral expression. Her friend didn’t look shocked or wary. She looked resigned.
      “Hey, Alexia. Yeah I saw it. Leander, Todd and Bernard are in the living room talking about all of the changes that are coming. What do you think about people who can shift shape like that?”
      Alexia swallowed hard and fought the urge to turn and run back home. She heard Hank walking up the drive and prayed he’d grabbed his rifle.
      “I’ve never really thought about it, Kitty. But they’re not exactly people are they? I mean, that cougar killed someone on live television. People don’t do that.”
      Kitty frowned and the voices inside the house abruptly stopped. In the next heartbeat Leander stepped out onto the porch. Hank’s warm presence behind Alexia made her feel better until Michael giggled at the sight of their neighbors. Leander nodded to Alexia and Hank but his expression remained blank. Kitty was still frowning and Alexia felt sweat pooling at the base of her spine. Kitty turned to face her husband.
      “Honey, they don’t think shifters are people. What do you think?”
      Leander sighed and shook his head, laying a hand on Kitty’s shoulder.
      “Kitty, we discussed this. We should have explained a long time ago—”
      “Explained what exactly?” Hank asked.
      Alexia moved a step back away from the porch and Kitty’s attention snapped back to her. 
      “Now don’t go running off, Alexia. We’re friends, right? There’s a lot we need to talk about.”
      Alexia and Hank stood in shock as Leander and Kitty stepped off the porch and told them they were shifters too. Alexia had never once guessed her friends were any more than they seemed. As Leander spoke, Todd and Bernard, other neighbors, walked out of the house to explain how they too could shift shape. Over half the residents of Magdalena, New Mexico were shape shifters. The small town was perfectly situated against a national forest to accommodate the fox, black bear, mountain lions and other animals that shared their bodies.
      Alexia wanted to run away in horror. Hank shook his head in denial as he held his son in one arm and his rifle in the other. Much later, Alexia wouldn’t be able to say who began the argument, but within moments the men were yelling viciously. She was able to pull Michael from Hank’s arms just before Leander attacked him, but then Kitty was in her face yelling. Todd and Bernard shifted and Alexia nearly passed out. In a haze of confusion and terror she watched her husband die beneath the jaws of a mountain lion.  Something within Alexia’s controlled, rational mind snapped and she slapped Kitty across the face. Kitty instantly shifted and swiped Alexia’s legs out from under her. Rolling on the ground in pain, her only thought was to protect her son. She covered him with her body as the cougar’s claws shredded the back of her dress. Blood, warm and thick filled her mouth as she fought her rising nausea and tried to crawl away. Hank’s voice had finally silenced and she refused to look for him.
      A coughing roar echoed in the night and Alexia knew Kitty stalked her like the wounded prey she’d become. Michael had stopped screaming but his tired whimpers were almost worse. A few feet away Alexia spied a pile of freshly cut firewood with a gleaming axe lying beside one large piece. With a last burst of energy she jumped up and ran for it.
      Kitty roared again and leapt, knocking Alexia off her feet. She twisted enough to take the brunt of the fall, but Michael was knocked from her grasp.
      She screamed in horror as she saw the cougar going for his small body and grabbed what part of him she could. Kitty reached for him at the same time and clamped her jaws on his shirt. A tug of war ensued, Alexia frantically trying to remove the shirt caught in Kitty’s teeth, but the cougar was just too strong. With a final tug Michael was ripped from her arms and flung toward Leander, an even larger mountain lion.
      Kitty leapt on top of Alexia before she could rise to follow her son. Her next moments were spent trying to live in order to save him. She ignored the sounds Leander made, ignored the silence after Michael stopped crying, ignored the soul-deep pain that told her he was gone. With a reserve of strength she didn’t know she had, she kicked Kitty off of her and rolled against the wood pile. In one fluid movement she grabbed the axe and raised it as she continued to roll. Kitty never knew what hit her as she leapt into Alexia’s swing. The axe caught Kitty in the chest, breaking through skin and bone to stop the heart of stone Alexia had never guessed was hidden within.    
      Leander was harder to kill. He hesitated as Alexia ran at him with an axe over her head and an insane scream ringing from her lungs. The other two shifters had disappeared into the night but she barely noted their absence. She had nothing left to lose. Her family was dead and the world had gone mad. She might very well die covered in blood from a creature she’d never dreamed could exist, but she would certainly take some of them with her into hell.
THEY CALL ME DEATH available in print and e-book from Samhain Publishing:

If you haven't had a chance to read the first two parts make sure to check them out!

Amanda @ Not-Really-Southern Vamp Chic
Steph@ Papercut Reviews

The fun continues!  Make sure to check out Chas and Beth in the following days, and remember!  We'll be giving away a copy of There Will Be Blood for one lucky winner!  Stay tuned!
Chas@ Lovin' & Livin' Life in the 808
Beth@ Maybe Tomorrow?

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Book of Your Choice Giveaway!

My dear friend Mike @ The Subtle Chronicler is having his first giveaway in celebration of reaching over 40 followers!  WOOT!  Congratulations Mike!  That is so awesome!  People must really like you because I swear I didn't reach 40 followers for MONTHS.  Ignore my petty jealousness.  :P  Want to know what's truly epic about this giveaway?  YOU get to chose your prize!  Yes that's right.  I didn't mistype.  You're eyes are fine.  You are not tripping out on drugs.  Well... maybe you are, but that depends on you.  :P  How awesome is that?!  There are NEVER any "pick your own" prize giveaways so a big THANK YOU to Mike, who I'm sure just made over a hundred people VERY happy.

There will be 2 winners and for every 25 followers Mike gains he will add another winner.  And if you so happen to be the lucky winner then your choices not only range from books that are currently in print, but you can also choose to pre-order a book.  I know I'm dying for about 10 different To-Be-Released novels and I'm sure all of you are as well.  There are only so many ARC's out there unfortunately.   This will last till July 28th (the day after his birthday) so enter, enter, ENTER! 

Review of They Call Me Death!

Synopsis: Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain…
My name is Alexia Williams. In my world, North America is divided between north and south—but not the way it’s taught in the history books.
After losing my family to the shifters, I joined the Combined Human States Army. Now I find myself on the front lines, defending the wall between my species and theirs. My mission is simple: keep the animals on their side by whatever means necessary—and I’m good at it. I don’t talk to them. I don’t sympathize with them. I sure as hell don’t admire them…until one saves my life.
Andor isn’t like any shifter I’ve ever met. He’s a three-hundred-year-old golden eagle asking for help finding missing shifters who may be in my lands. I just have to decide between helping the animals or ignoring signs that my fellow humans aren’t what I thought they were. But how can I help a species I hate and fear? Even if Andor makes me feel alive again?
In the land of the shifters…they call me Death.

My Review: They Call Me Death is definitely one of those books that surprise you.  Going into it I wasn't expecting to fall in love with the characters or the story, but boy did I!  The comparison to the Civil War does not due the split that has ripped humanity justice.  Shifters are out in the open and due to over zealous youngsters, created a bloody take over turned all out war with the rest of mankind.  Alexia lost her husband and child at the beginning of the conflict, when her own neighbors turned violently against her and her family.  Since then, Alexia has never looked back.  A wall runs across the country, from sea to shining sea, separating the shifter inhabited north, from the solely human south.  However, things are not as cut and dry as Alexia believes them to be.  Pretenses that she has long held start to shift and change when the people she knows turn out to be more twisted than any shifter. 

Alexia is a very strong heroine that I greatly admire.  She's gone through things I can barely even imagine, and yet she still has the guts to fight on the front lines every day trying to keep the shifters from crossing the wall.  Now I want to get one thing straight.  Yes Alexia has killed many shifters from the on-start of the war.  This does not make her a blood thirsty psycho!  She never set out to become the world's top shifter killer and by no means was she keeping score either.  She simply did her job.  She's not cruel and doesn't get any enjoyment out of watching others suffer.  Her ability to keep her convictions and not let revenge rule her judgment is one of the many things that I love about her character.  She's the tough macho kick ass no-nonsense aunt I never had.  She long ago stopped caring about her vanity and wears army fatigues every day.  Her one bit of femininity is her long hair, and even then her reasoning behind letting it get so long was that she kept forgetting to get it cut.  (Actually... she does remind me of one of my  As the story progresses she struggles to balance what she has always believed to be true, and the shocking truth of just how dark and twisted man can be.  She begins to realize that being a shifter doesn't make you a monster, and that there are plenty of sick bastards on her side of the wall to worry about. 

I loved the world of the shifters.  If I could be any paranormal creature I would be a shifter.  Hands down.  Coincidentally enough I would probably shift into a falcon or hawk.  Imagine my surprise when Andor turned out to be a Golden Eagle.  I admit... I squealed a bit.  I have this crazy fascination with birds of prey.  I've wanted a Peregrine Falcon since I was a kid.  I know.  I'm weird.  I thought we already established this?  :P The whole world of shifters, both socially and politically, is fascinating.  I really enjoyed the Alpha of the shifters, and thought it only fitting that he was a wolf.  I have to admit, the shifter world still has me a it baffled.  The story doesn't really follow shifter politics, but it left me craving for more.

I adored Alexia, the shifters, and of course the love interest.  Andor is a 300 year old Golden Eagle, yet despite being a shifter, he saved Alexia's life.  In a world where you are judged by whether you are human or a shifter, Andor doesn't judge or have preconceived notions about Alexia.  He makes the effort to treat her as a regular person, not Death as many shifters call her.  One of the greatest aspects of this book was the romance.  It didn't dive into erotic sex scenes after a few chapters.  It wasn't love at first sight or any such nonsense.  That is on of the biggest things that bothers me about Paranormal Romance.  "You're pretty hot"-"So are you" and poof instant love.  Huh?!  I loved the fact that Andor and Alexia actually had a FOUNDATION for their relationship.  It wasn't based on lust or physical attraction, but because they loved each other for the PERSON they were.  I enjoyed watching Alexia's character grow and evolve as the story progressed.  She really changes before your eyes, yet she still remains the kick ass, don't mess with me, gun wielding Alexia we all know and love. 

I was pleased to get a happy ending though I'm still wanting more!  Overall, a wonderful story full of unique concepts and characters!  If you would like to read the prologue to this amazing story follow the LINK!   

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A Visit from the Book Gnome

So as promised here are a few pics I took when I received They Call Me Death and Finn/Cedric (I refer to him as Finn) in the mail!  Finn was a delightful guest and I enjoyed toting him about for a day.  Since I had to work the day I received him, and then read the book in about three hours I didn't get to really spend that much time with him.  :(  He's just so darn adorable! 

 Yes I know I'm a complete dork.  I couldn't help myself okay!  I just had to act like an idiot!  And equipping a known lunatic with a camera, just.... bad idea. 

And here's me looking relatively normal.  Well... as normal as I get anyway.  XD  I had WAY too much fun with my camera as you could probably tell.  I so rarely ever take pictures that I get a bit coo-koo when I do.  Tis the end!  No more pics!  Sad I know.  Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get to see me acting even crazier for future books.  I'm really rather disappointed in myself that I didn't get some more scenic pictures with Finn.  Next time Finn visits I'll have to go find some cows... I have a  feeling that would look rather suspicious though... meh who cares.  I know the cows won't mind. 

Want to see where Finn went next?  Finn's next stop was to Hawaii!!!  (Finn!  Take me with you!!!)  I am so jealous of that gnome.  If you want to see the great pics from when he visited Chas @ Lovin' & Livin' Life in the 808 head on over! 

BEA Giveaways around the Blogosphere

Every time I see a post titled BEA anything I get severely depressed all over again.  Next year I tell ye!  *shakes fist*  I told my friend about it and she got all big eyed, so I think I have a NYC buddy for next year.  *evil grin* So anyway onto the nice giveaways of shiny books!  :) 

Rebecca @Vicarious Reader is holding her first giveaway and generously decided to share the ARC love!  She's giving a copy of Lauren Oliver's Delirium.  Since I got an ARC of before i fall I figured what the heck!  Lolz.  Check it out!

Sandy Shin is also having a giveaway!  Matched  by Allie Condie is up for grabs!  Can you tell I'm obsessed with this book? This is only what?  The 3rd giveaway I've mentioned for this book... Hehehe. HEY!  I want it REALLY REALLY badly.  Can you blame me?

YA Highway is also having an amazing giveaway! Eight, yes I said EIGHT, books are up for grabs!  And hahaha... guess what?  Matched  is one of the potential prizes.  I'm obsessed okay?!  Leave me be! There will be four lucky winners!  Shoo shoo!  Go check it out! 

And last but not least Cry Havoc is also having an amazing giveaway!  She's celebrating 120 follower and has an amazing selection of books up for grabs!  There will be two lucky winners and of course more winners will be added with more followers!  So shoo!  Go follow! 

Maybe with all of these contests I'm entering I'll actually WIN one.  Unlikely I know.  But hey!  I can hope!  Can't I? My bad luck will eventually break... right?  Lol. 

Missy Jane Week

As you may know, I'm a member of The Traveling Book Gnome.  Our first book that we passed around was Missy Jane's They Call Me Death.  I'm happy to tell you that Missy will be joining us all this week for some fantastic interviews and a sneak peak at her new prequel!  How exciting! Each day, starting tomorrow, each member of TTBG will be playing host to Missy and will have sneak peaks to her new prequel.  At the end of it all we'll be giving away a copy of They Call Me Death!!!  So stay tuned!  This shall be a ton of fun! 

Here's a rough outline for this week!

Tuesday- Amanda @ Not- Really- Southern Vamp Chick
Wednesday-Steph @ Papercut Reviews
Thursday- ME!!!
Friday-Chas@ Lovin' & Livin' Life in the 808
Saturday- Beth @ Maybe Tomorrow?

And what's my plan for this week?  Tomorrow I'll have pics up of Finn (given name Cedric) our adorable little Book Gnome who travels with our books.  Wednesday I'll have my review up for They Call Me Death and I shall tell you now that I absolutely loved it!  Thursday of course will be interview time with Missy Jane! Yay!  And the third installment for prequel!  After that I really have no idea what will go down, but stay posted for news on the giveaway!  This shall be an excellent week!

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Sno-Cone Time!

Well I didn't have a sno-cone today, but I had one last night.  Lol.   So it still counts.  So you know how I tend to do really random things whenever I get a sno-cone?  And that video I mentioned that my friends are making?  Ya, well, we spent a good five hours, practicing and filming, and creeping on our teacher's house.  Yes, that's right, we danced in front of our teachers house.  It was rather amusing until the neighbors brought out the lawn chairs and started watching us.  O.O  On the bright side... I didn't get sunburned! Yay!  Well it was dark and cloudy all day so ya.  Lol. 

Once again here's the LINK if you haven't already entered! 

Sno-Cone Flavor:  Tongue Twister (green apple and watermelon)
Taste:  I was expecting sour, but it really wasn't.  Still good though!

So as I'm sure you all know I am a huge Fae fan.  Okay more like Fae-fangirl.  I'm not ashamed to admit it!  So it should come as no surprise that my next hottie is of course a faerie.  Please welcome Irial from Melissa Marr's  Ink Exchange!  I'm ashamed to say that I fall for the bad boys.  And Irial is definitely a bad boy.  But just oh so delectable!  What I really loved about Irial as well as Ink Exchange is that the lines between the dark and the light were blurred.  This book truly shows that nothing is defined in black and white.  The good guys can have just as immoral motivations for doing something as the bad guys.  What I loved about Irial, even though he is King of the Dark Court, was that he wasn't "evil".  He did what was in the best interest for his subjects, even if that meant hurting  a girl he grew to care for.  Irial, in my mind, is a lot more honest and well intentioned than Keenan.  He doesn't apologize for what he is, and I grew to love him for that.  Plus the dark hair, the shadowy wings, the tattoos, and just the delectable darkness that I know many of us girls love just makes him all the more amazing.  He's not perfect by any means, but I like him despite his many flaws. 

Melt Rating: Puddle!!!