Monday, May 31, 2010

Random Epicness

I'm just going to tell you guys up front, that I am like obsessed with anything Brent Weeks writes.  As you all read from my last sno-cone post I'm totally in love with Kylar, the main character from Brent Week's Beyond the Shadows.  When the trilogy was over I was so DEPRESSED.  It literally hurt to be finished with that amazing trilogy.  Thankfully I discovered that he was writing a new trilogy!  So I've known this for a while, and a previous cover idea was leaked, but I am pleased to say that HERE is the FINAL cover for Brent's new book, The Black Prism.  Isn't it pretty?!  I think I'm falling in love all over again.  ^.^   Plus is that not the most awesome knife you have ever laid eyes on?!  Okay I'm fan-girling now.  Sorry. Here's a brief synopsis! 

Synopsis: Gavin Guile is the Prism, the most powerful man in the world. He is high priest and emperor, a man whose power, wit, and charm are all that preserves a tenuous peace. But Prisms never last, and Guile knows exactly how long he has left to live: Five years to achieve five impossible goals.

But when Guile discovers he has a son, born in a far kingdom after the war that put him in power, he must decide how much he's willing to pay to protect a secret that could tear his world apart.

And some other exciting news?  Orbit is the best publishers in the world and has posted the first 3 chapters on their website!  HEHEHE!  Guess what is currently open in another window on my computer screen?  Yep  you guessed it!  I'm nice though and am going to share the love!  Check out the first three chapters of The Black Prism HERE!  

Sunday, May 30, 2010

New take on werewolves!

So it kind of took me a long while to read this.  Well it seems like it did, but in reality I only actually sat down and read the darn thing 3 or 4 times.  The last week of school, contests, work, and trying to have a social life kind of killed my reading time.  Though it took me over 2 weeks to complete, I completely adored it!  The amount of time it took me has no relation to the quality of the story whatsoever. I am in love with this book!  Since paranormal books have become so popular in recent years, I get tired of reading the same old vampire, werewolf,  faerie, (recently) fallen angels, and other mystical creatures.  Sharp Teeth was very refreshing and I thank my dear friend who loaned it to me!  You were right!  I loved it! 

Synopsis: An ancient race of lycanthropes has survived to the present day, and its numbers are growing as the initiated convince L.A.'s down and out to join their pack. Paying no heed to moons, full or otherwise, they change from human to canine at will—and they're bent on domination at any cost.

Caught in the middle are Anthony, a kind-hearted, besotted dogcatcher, and the girl he loves, a female werewolf who has abandoned her pack. Anthony has no idea that she's more than she seems, and she wants to keep it that way. But her efforts to protect her secret lead to murderous results.

Blending dark humor and epic themes with card-playing dogs, crystal meth labs, surfing, and carne asada tacos, Sharp Teeth captures the pace and feel of a graphic novel while remaining "as ambitious as any literary novel, because underneath all that fur, it's about identity, community, love, death, and all the things we want our books to be about"

My Review:  Yes this is written in prose! And don't you dare moan or groan!  It's just like reading an Ellen Hopkins book!  And frankly I wouldn't have this written any other way.  It's perfect the way it is.  This is going to be very hard to review, and probably very short because I do NOT want to give ANYTHING away!  It would ruin the whole book! 

The story was crafted beautifully!  At the beginning of the book there are so many different POV's that is hard to follow what's happening.  Especially because NOTHING is revealed.  There are talk of plans, but no explanation.  There are no explanations or why's or why not's.  It bothered me at first, but as the story continued I discovered that events naturally revealed themselves.  It was like a flower opening it's petals.  At first you see just the basics, yet with time everything is revealed.  The story progressed very naturally and all I can say is it was beautifully done.  Just utterly perfect.  I don't think I have ever said that about a plotline for a novel.  Ever.  Yet I'm saying it now.  It was just brilliant.  Everything that seemed totally random was ALL CONNECTED. 

Even though there were lots of different POV's and seemingly weird random sub plots I fell in love with each and every one.  With Anthony and his lover (you NEVER get to know her name) you get the joys of a budding relationship and the passions of love.  Lark is all about his plans.  Everything is a tricky game of balance.  When his plans crumble at his feet, he has to have his wits about him to stay alive and plot revenge.  The small man and his giant of a partner are mysterious in themselves and continually prod the cop Peabody to look deeper into what is happening in this city.  Barlow expertly skips from sub-story to sub-story, keeping the readers attention.  I was constantly anticipating what was going to happen next!  I wasn't wanting to skip over certain characters stories to go back to Anthony.  Usually that's what happens to me, but not with Sharp Teeth.  I find myself intrigued with every twist and turn in the plot. 

I absolutely adored the ending as well. For once a novel ended EXACTLY the way I wanted it to.  Everything was tied up nicely and there were no loose ends!  NONE!  I don't think that has ever happened before!  EVER!  As soon as I was finished I had to gush to my friend about it.  I got a very smug "I told you so" in return.  :P  And the last page is so chilling and freaky that it will make any dog owner give their pets a second look. 

This novel is dark, edgy, and often times brutal in it's life like descriptions of the drug and crime world.  Brutal murders, beatings, and ripping out the enemies throats are out there full on the table.  Though the more animal side of man is portrayed, you still get glimpses of the goodness of man, even if it's sometimes hard to find.  Wonderfully unique and dark!  Could you get anything better? 

Prince of Persia!

So yes I am a totally sick individual and went and saw this the day it came out.  What can I say.  Jake Gyllenhaul is a hottie.  I can't help it. XD                                                                                                     

It was AWESOME!   I've never played the games, but from what I hear the games are just as amazing as the movie!  I really liked the story line.  Dustan, adopted by the King, was a just a normal kid struggling to survive on the streets.  When he saves another young boy from a beating, he was to be punished instead.  The King saw valor within the young child and took him into his household.  He saw the spirit of a King in Dustan, even though his blood was not royal.  

Years later, Dustan still has the streetwise skills he's learned as a child.  I swear he is part ape!  He leaps and climbs things that quickly!  I think I might have been gaping, my mouth wide open, 1/3 of the movie.  The stunt work was amazing to say the least.  Did I mention that Jake got ripped for this movie?  Not like  6 pack ripped but still.  He has VERY nice arms and appreciative abs.  :P  Plus I loved the scruffy rogue look he had going.  Why do guys with stubble seem way hotter than when they are clean shaven?  Prime example:  Viggo Mortensen.  *sighs*  Ah Strider, you hottie. 

Anyway!  Back to Prince of Persia!  I thought I was going to be annoyed by Princess Tamina, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Yes you may recognize the actress as Io from Clash of the Titans.  I am pleased to announce that she is a lot  more kick ass in Prince of Persia.  She is the Guardian of the dagger and is sharp tongued and clever.  When she is captured by the Persians and presented to the King there is the funniest line! "Dustan does not have a wife... you two shall marry."  (Dustan looks petrified) "What's this Dustan?  You can leap into a fray against 200 warriors, but the thought of marriage terrifies you?" (Dustan): "I need a drink."  Bahaha!  I laughed heartily!  Sorry that was random but I had to share!  

I loved the ties to world history as well!  I was sitting there going "OMG! The Mughal Empire!  I know what that is!  The Hindu Kush!  I know what that is!"  Who knew AP World History would pay off?  And thanks to Angels and Demons I knew what Hassassins were!  I was like "whoa!" I got to explain to mi madre and I enjoyed rambling over it.  Knowing random facts is so much fun! And to make things even better, this movie was FUNNY!  It  had a lot of laugh moments, which I was very pleased with.  It's always nice to have that extra added element of hilarity thrown in the mix. 

The movie, while at times was a tad predictable still held some surprising twists.  The ending caught me COMPLETELY off guard!  I was just like "NO FLIPPING WAY!"  Though I have to say the ending was PERFECT.  Absolutely loved it!  Although this wasn't the absolute best movie I have ever seen it was still very good and I recommend seeing it! Soon!  And if you don't like it, then at least you can see the nice eye candy that is Jake.  *waggles eyebrows* 

Desert Tales Vol. 2! Waha!

So you know how I had that wonderful sno-cone the other day?  Well I went and bought $40 dollars worth of books right after.  SHHH! Don't tell mi madre!

Synopsis: The stakes are rising, and Rika finds it harder to ignore Faerie politics. As a former mortal and now a solitary faery, she has relished the isolation and freedom of the desert. But new players are seeking power, and old allies are imperiled. As tensions mount, Rika must decide whether—and how—to act to save her independence and her romance with Jayce.

My Review:  The second volume continued the story wonderfully.  Though at the beginning it took me a bit to realize that there was a small time skip.  So don't be totally confused like I was!  Shionnach (I probably spelled that wrong)  is trying to reign in the desert fey.  Where there are no ties to any court or king, it is only brute force that keeps the fey in line.  Shionnach is the Alpha in the desert, but his place is being challenged by Maili.  Maili believes that Shi has grown weak due to his affection for humans and mortally wounds Shi with multiple stabs with a rusty iron spike.  Leaving him to die from the poison running through his veins, he is only found when Rika and Jayce stumble upon his body.  With Shi out of commission Rika discovers that she'll have to step up as Alpha.

I liked how Rika's character has progressed.  She started off very inward, never wanting to be involved with other faeries.  She just wanted to be left alone to her art.  Though it took much prodding and some stimulus from Shi to get her out of her own little world, she finally is taking notice of the rest of the world.  She stands up to Keenan and makes her point to Maili and the other fey through force.   

I really enjoy Shi's character.  Though he has often lied to Rika to get her to do what he thinks is best,  I wouldn't call him manipulative.  He's only thinking about what is best for the fey and humanity alike.  He pushed Rika towards Jayce, knowing that if she was tied to a human then she would care more with what was happening in the outside world.  She'd have a personal stake in the way faeries treated humans, and Shi needed Rika's help.  Though Rika is upset when she finds out, I still side with Shi.  He's witty, funny, and just an all around great guy.  I love the fact that he's a fox faerie too.  He might be enigmatic and never truly reveals what he's planning but deep down behind all the false bravado he truly cares.  I loved how he claims to not do "relationships" and tends to just have casual sex with anyone who is willing, but Jayce saw right through that and knows that Shi's new protectiveness towards humans was because of a girl.  I find myself loving his character and hoping that everything works out for him.  

My only critiques yet again are that there just seemed to be 4-6 page stretches with no dialogue, internal thoughts, or anything!  Yes I like to look at pretty pictures but when there's a fight scene going on I want witty dialogue, not just lots of drawings!    At times I kind of struggled to follow what was going on.  The dialogue was choppy at times and suddenly switched randomly, or so it seemed until I went back and re-read it a couple of times.  I would have really liked to see Jayce and Rika's romance DEVELOP.  It just seems like "oh first kiss" to "I love you!" Don't get me wrong I love the two as a couple, but I just wish there would have been transitional time for them to grow first. 

One more thing before I finish.  DONIA'S BACK!  Woot woot!  I adored the way they introduced Donia again at the very end!  I'm dying for the 3rd one because I can't wait to get more of Donia!  Just has me eagerly awaiting at the edge of my chair!  I have to show you guys a pic because I think she's beautifully drawn!  Can't wait for the 3rd volume!  That way I can devour it in under an hour like I did with the other two.  :P 

And the winners are...

Yesenia, Lindsey, and Mike!  Congratulations guys!  Since I surpassed 75 followers I decided to go ahead and add another winner.  ^.^ I'll be contacting you three promptly!  Thank you again for all that entered!  You guys made my first contest AWESOME!  Haha.  I think from now on I'll be using a randomizer because writing out all the names  12 times is a little too labor intensive.  And yes I seriously did that!  And put them in a jar!  And made my mother draw out the names.  :P 

I'm guessing you guys want to know what your choices for prizes are right?  Well considering that 2 out of the 3 answered ALL the questions I'm thinking they already know what books they want but I shall announce the choices anyway!  Lol. 

Here are your choices!

Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder
Looking for Alaska by John Green
Hourglass by Claudia Gray
The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima
Carpe Diem by Autumn Cornwell
The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare (any of the 3) 
Incarceron by Catherine Fisher
Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
Perchance to Dream (my ARC copy) 
Going Bovine by Libba Bray

First drawn get's first pick!  And so on and so forth.  So sorry Mike but you get last dibs.  :P  THANKS AGAIN!  Love ya guys!  ^.^ 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

News @ CFB

So I'm totally stealing Andrea's thunder here, but it was a rather great idea and I myself hate doing random posts so forgive me deary.  I just have a lot of things to post all at once and this was the best way to sum everything up.  So yes, full credit for this idea to Andrea @ Loud Words and Sounds!  Don't eat me please.

In My World:
I honestly feel like crying right now.  Shiny Toy Guns was in Grand Island 6 hours ago and I somehow didn't know about it.  I'm assuming they were just passing through on their way back to CA but still.  Major depressed here.  I would have totally snuck onto their tour bus!  *weeps*

Weeping aside... quick reminder guys!  Today is the LAST DAY to enter The Great Scavenger Hunt Contest!  I will be announcing the winners TOMORROW!  And remember if you answered clues, but didn't fill out the Final Entry Form YOU NEED TO!  Otherwise you are not entered to win!  Please and thank you!  Can't wait to announce the winners and their choices for prize!  Remember there will be two winners since I reached 50 followers!  *excited*  

Remember to be spreading the word on the Sno-Cone Meltdown Giveaway!  I can't believe how fast of a response I've gotten to this!  Thanks guys!  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Especially when people give me nice compliments.  ^.^  Enter HERE!  

In the Blogosphere: 
Leilani is celebrating her birthday and 100 followers!  WOOO!!! Congrats girl!  That rocks!  In honor of this awesome accomplishment and in celebration of her birthday, she'll be having a 100 follower Birthday Bash!  The list of prizes is already growing, and I'll be donating The Iron King to the pile!  (As soon as I'm done with it that is :P ) Check out the rules HERE and enter!  This is going to be awesome!  

Tattooed Books is having a really cool challenge going on!  (pulled from Tattooed Books) Every year, YALSA (the Young Adult Library Services Association) polls 15 book clubs around the country about what books they think should make the list of the best teen books published in the last year. This year there are 26 nominees that teens (12-18) can vote on between August 23rd and September 17th. The Teen's Top Ten choices are announced during Teen Read Week in October. This year's theme for Teen Read Week is "Books with Beat."If you want more information on any of these events, please visit the YALSA website.

Awesome challenge right?!  Head on over and sign up!  This should be a lot  of fun!  I'm competing as a solo.  Here are the books I've read so far: 

Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld
Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce
Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
Incarceron by Catherine Fisher 
Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
Fire by Kristin Cashore
Which I guess makes 7!  Whoa.... challenge already completed?!  Sweet!  Lol!  That won't stop me from reading the others though!  Make sure to check this out!  

And that concludes my news!  For now.  XD

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sno-Cone! Again...

So soon you may wonder?  Yes.... I'm an addict.  I admit it.  Even though I KNOW there are five pounds of sugar per gallon of that colorful goodness that is the syrup.  I just can't help myself!  Oh and can you believe it?!  I got SUNBURNED from having a sno-cone!  Fifteen minutes tops!  In the sun!  I don't know whether to be outraged or feel pathetic that I am that ungodly pale. 

Anywho moving on.  :P  Here's the link to the FORM if you haven't already entered!  And what the hell. It's international.  I just decided.  This is the thing that is wonderful about the Book Depository.  :P  So yes Aly you can enter!  Haha! 

Sno-cone flavor: Wedding Cake (vanilla, coconut, and cream)
Taste: Sweet, but just oh so good. 

Who's my hottie?  Okay so if you thought I was obsessive about Maria V. Snyder... well ya.  I got news for you.  I'm more obsessive than even her books.  I am absolutely in love with Kylar Stern from Brent Week's Night Angel Trilogy.  It seriously depresses me that he's not real!  The pic to the left I thought was a nice little mash up of all the covers.  It's rather ironic that I had Wedding Cake today because I would marry Kylar in a heart beat!  Kylar's a wetboy (assassins have targets, wetboys have deaders, because wetboys don't miss).  Favorite line ever!  And of course no one ever has the slightest idea what I mean by a wetboy.  >.<  Oh the aggravation.  He's deadly with practically anything.  Swords, knives, his hands, etc.  He would be scary if it weren't for the fact that he has such a great heart.  While he kills for a living, he still looks after his childhood friend from the slums.  He feels responsible for what happened to her as a child, and became her secret benefactor and made sure she had a loving family to take care of her.  He's caring and honorable, and just an amazing wonderful individual.  And well the fact that he can kill in a blink of an eye, that just makes him hotter.  :P  One of my all time favorite characters, and all time favorite series.

Melt Rating:  Evaporated.  There's nothing left.  *fans self* 

Sidenote:  Hey for those guys who read my blog (very few but I know you're out there) you can just vote for the books you would like.   That would be rather awkward, as my friend keeps reminding me!  (You hear that Mike!  I remembered!) 

Awesome contest pimpage!

So yes as the title suggests I'm pimping out some AWESOME give aways!  These gals are so generous and I felt obligated to spread the love!  ^.^  Stella @ Ex Libris is having a 222 follower extravaganza!  You could potentially win the 2nd book of 6 great books!  I love the 2 theme going on, and even though I haven't read any of those series, YET,  it will certainly motivate me to read the first ones!  Lol! 

Valerie @ I Should be Writing is also having an AH-MAZING contest!  Her birthday is coming up and she has been so nice as to share her favorite books from this year!  Happy early birthday Valerie!  There is a Readers Grand Prize and a Writers Grand Prize so get over there now! 

Thanks gals for these great contests! 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I won?.... huh?

So little back story here.  Back in March my art teacher came to me and asked me if I would like to enter a cover re-design contest for Read Aloud Nebraska.  Of course I grasped at the chance to do it and practically screamed YES!  As it so happens the book I was supposed to re-design the cover for was The Telling Pool by David Clement-Davies.  And guess what?  I own it.  So I was really excited, until she told me it was due a few days after we got back from spring back.  Less than a month to complete it.  That was kind of a "uh" moment but I still said yes.  And of course I procrastinated like the bad person I am and had to rush to start and finish it.  So while I was happy with the result I knew it was rushed and wasn't as epic as it should have been.  I hear nothing for MONTHS mind you.  A few days before school ends my art teacher came up to me and said "Oh and guess what I just found out?  That cover re-design contest you entered?  They extended the deadline until May 13."  Oh believe me I was beyond pissed.  I was so pissed I started laughing!  That is not a good sign!  I was so angry I couldn't even spend the time of day being angry about it because I was so fed up with it!    Ironically enough when I got my sno-cone yesterday my friend asked me about the contest.  And I replied "I honestly could care less right now.  I'm still pissed off."  And low and behold... what happens?  I just received an email from my art teacher with "WOO WOO!  CONGRATULATIONS!" and I said aloud "No shit..."   I gained a funny look from my dad to boot.  So ya.  I won?  And I get $100 dollars?  Huh?  I have no idea why I'm not excited about this...  I guess deep down I truly am still pissed over the whole "deadline was extended till May 13" thing.  But meh.  I'm going to try really hard in being excited about this.  Really hard.  Because ya know what?  I'm going to buy books with it.  Books for you all most likely.  With Blogfest coming up I better start stocking up on my prizes!  So ya.  Haha.  Look on the bright side of the matter. Here's the winning entry pic...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My first sno-cone!

So today, as I  knew it was going to be, was an awesome day.  I stayed up until 3 in the morning last night, got up at 8, cleaned  the kitchen, went out for coffee and ended up talking with my friend for 3 HOURS, grabbed a quick bite for lunch(cuz I hadn't eaten breakfast) and went and got my sno-cone with my best bud!  Great start to this hopefully fun giveaway! 
Some quick rules:

1. Have to be a follower
2. Open to U.S. and Canada (I'm thinking about opening up internationally...maybe)
3. Extra entries for blogging about the Meltdown or posting it on your sidebar
4. Extra entries for following my lovely affiliates! 

Remember you can enter now!!!! However you'll have to wait to vote!  Remember YOU get to chose the 3 books that will be the prizes!  Vote for your top three favorite hunks and their corresponding books!   I'll have the poll up towards the end!  Here's the FORM!  Enter, enter, enter!  ^.^ 

Sno-cone Flavor:  Girls Night Out (which is strawberry daiquiri and fuzzy navel)
Taste: YUMMY!  It's one of my faves because I love strawberry daiquiri's and it's just so fruity! 

So who is my first "melt" worthy hunk?  Well you all know I am a huge fan of Maria V. Snyder.  Who better to start off the Hunk List than Valek?!  The most dangerous and feared man in both Ixia and Sitia.  Protective, smart, strong, dangerous, and sexily stealthy.  *fans self*  God I'm imagining him in one of his stealth/spying outfits right now and just ahhh.  *drools*  Did I mention he's artistic?  And he's a kickass fighter.  And just ah-mazing.  *gazes off dreamily*  Valek's pretty much my dream man.  Could you tell?  If you haven't read Maria's wonderful Study books, you need to because you cannot be without the hotness that is Valek!

Melt Rating:  Puddle!!!  He's too hot to even put up a fight! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kiss and Tell

Kiss and Tell is the brilliant brain child of Aly @ Fantasy4eva!  The idea for K&T is to share your recently purchased, borrowed, or book haul from the library.  Share what your expectations are of your haul and rate them accordingly.  Check out Aly's blog for further explanation and rules!  

So guess what?!  I actually went to the library! *pats self on back*  I'm so proud of myself!  Partially because I'm so bad about going there.  I got three books and ran into a friend so it turned out to be a fruitful trip!  Here's my haul!

hush by Donna Jo Napoli:

Melkorka is a princess, the first daughter of a magnificent kingdom in mediƦval Ireland -- but all of this is lost the day she is kidnapped and taken aboard a marauding slave ship. Thrown into a world that she has never known, alongside people that her former country's laws regarded as less than human, Melkorka is forced to learn quickly how to survive. Taking a vow of silence, however, she finds herself an object of fascination to her captors and masters, and soon realizes that any power, no matter how little, can make a difference.
Based on an ancient Icelandic saga, award-winning author Donna Jo Napoli has crafted a heartbreaking story of a young girl who must learn to forget all that she knows and carve out a place for herself in a new world -- all without speaking a word.

My thoughts: I discovered this book forever ago, but I've never read it until now!  I'm very glad I found this at the library.  I absolutely love Irish tales and even though it doesn't involve faeries (depressing I know)  it still sounds like a great read!    I would have to give it a 7 rating.  I think I'll like it, but it probably won't be AH-mazing. 

Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner:

It has been 20 years since the war between faeries and humans destroyed everything. Liza, a teenager living in what was once the Midwest, has always been taught that magic kills. When Lizas mother gives birth to a faerie baby with hair clear as glass, her father abandons the infant on a hillside to die; Lizas mother then runs away, and Liza begins to have magical visions of her own. Petrified that her powers might cause death, Liza flees into the woods with her friend Matthew, only to be attacked by deadly trees and rescued by a woman with magic. The plot quickens as Liza realizes that the woman is connected to her mothers past, knowledge that propels Liza into a dangerous journey into the land of Faerie, in search of her mother.

My thoughts:  Hey guess what?!  FAERIES!  Muwahahahhahaha!  Success!  I'm such a faerie junkie so even if this book ends up sucking I'll probably still like it.  :P  I highly doubt that will happen though since this book sounds great!  War between faeries and humans?!  WHOA! I think it's a very awesome idea to take a different spin on the whole faerie world.  Usually humanity has no clue that faeries exist, but not in this novel!  I'm very very excited to read this and I give it a rating of 8!  I have a feeling I'll really like it, but it's not steal the show worthy.  

WWW: Wake by Robert J. Sawyer:

Webmind is an emerging consciousness that has befriended Caitlin Decter and grown eager to learn about her world. But Webmind has also come to the attention of WATCH-the secret government agency that monitors the Internet for any threat to the United States-and they're fully aware of Caitlin's involvement in its awakening.

WATCH is convinced that Webmind represents a risk to national security and wants it purged from cyberspace. But Caitlin believes in Webmind's capacity for compassion-and she will do anything and everything necessary to protect her friend.

My thoughts: So I think I almost screamed when I saw my library had this.  Thankfully I didn't because I probably would have gotten kicked out.  I AM SO PSYCHED!  I absolutely adored WWW: Wake, the first book of the WWW Trilogy and I cannot wait to start reading Watch!  You can probably guess which book I'm reading first!!! I give a rating of 10!  I know I will adore it!

Random Thoughts:  So my random encounter with my friend at the library has led to a wonderful thing!  As soon as I got home she texted me wondering if I would read over a story she was working on and invited me to meet for coffee!  So now we're exchanging stories over coffee tomorrow morning and my day tomorrow looks infinitely better.  Coffee and sno-cones in the same day?!  EPIC!


Guess what?!!! My dear friend Andrea @ Loud Words and Sounds is having her first contest!!!  Woooo!  Congratulations girl!  She's celebrating 100 followers and giving away some awesome prizes!  Steph @ Papercut Reviews has generously donated some of her books as prizes and Andrea is offering to design wonderful blog headers, customized buttons, and etc for other lucky winners!  Andrea is a wonderfully creative person and has talent up the wazoo.  Yes I just said wazoo, shut up.  :P

Show your support and ENTER!   I want her to have over 200 followers by the time her contest is over!  She deserves it!  Plus if you follow me or her other affiliates you get bonus entries!  So be making sure to follow these wonderful bloggers! Okay, enough blathering!  Shoo shoo! Go enter! 

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Paranormalcy Contest!

  So it's been a while since I've spread the word on any contests going around on the blogosphere (that's because I want to keep them to myself! *evil laugh* )  but I just HAD to share this one!  Kiersten White, author of the upcoming YA book Paranormalcy is giving away a free ARC!  Can you say EXCITED!  So I know my chances of winning are like slim to none (plus I have the worst luck imaginable)  but I had to spread the word on this book!  Aside from the absolutely gorgeous cover (don't judge a book by it's cover?  Ya right!)  the story sounds amazing!  International Paranormal Containment Agency?  Come on!  You know that sounds bad-ass!  If you aren't already drooling over the cover just read the description!

Synopsis: Evie’s always thought of herself as a normal teenager, even though she works for the International Paranormal Containment Agency, her ex-boyfriend is a faerie, she’s falling for a shape-shifter, and she’s the only person who can see through paranormals’ glamours.
But Evie’s about to realize that she may very well be at the center of a dark faerie prophecy promising destruction to all paranormal creatures.
So much for normal.

Still don't believe me?  Here are reviews!

“A fast, flirty roller coaster of a ride. This story was everything I hoped for—sassy, light-hearted and downright scary. Oh, bleep! I’m in love!” (Becca Fitzpatrick, New York Times bestselling author of Hush, Hush )

“Strong characters, a clever premise, and a hilarious voice all team up to make PARANORMALCY the most refreshing paranormal debut of the year.” (Lisa McMann, New York Times bestselling author of the Wake trilogy )

“Kiersten White creates the perfect blend of light and dark. Even as the stakes rose higher, PARANORMALCY’s narrator, Evie, kept a smile on my face with her cunning wit. I can’t wait for more!” (Carrie Ryan, New York Times bestselling author of The Forest of Hands and Teeth )

“Paranormalcy seduced me. The two sexy paranormals who vie for Evie’s affections each had their own victory; one won Evie’s heart and the other won mine.” (Aprilynne Pike, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Wings )

See told you!  I can see the drool now.  :P  To enter for a chance to win this awesome book follow the link!  

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sno-Cone Summer Meltdown!

Let me tell you something you probably didn't know about me.  I LOVE sno-cones!  My first summer job (detassling doesn't count)  was at the Sno-Shack in my hometown.  So yes I can shave ice and color it with delicious sugary flavors like a pro!  And I get really annoyed when my sno-cones are made badly!  So one of my summer rituals is grabbing a sno-cone and just chilling.  This past summer one of my best friends and I went to get sno-cones at least once a week.  Okay so maybe like twice a week.  Sometimes three times a week.  Okay, okay!  We ate lots and lots of sno-cones!  It just became this awesome ritual that we are continuing this summer.  In  a brilliant stroke of genius (thank you brain) I came up with a wonderful idea for this summer!  Since my first contest is about to end, and well frankly I had way too much fun putting that together, and Blogfest isn't until September, I felt like I needed to do another awesome giveaway!  How do books and sno-cones go together you may ask?  Well... they don't really but you'll understand if you keep reading. 

Every time I go get a sno-cone (which will be a lot) I am going to pick a hottie from one of my favorite books that makes me "melt."  Okay a tad cheesy I know but that's my tie in with sno-cones.  :P  And what will happen with this long list of delectable fellows?  You, yes I said YOU guys will vote on your top 3 melt-worthy characters!  The books these characters are from are going to be up for grabs!  Three hotties, three books, three winners!  Sound like fun?! 

Hahaha!  I am already looking forward to all the sno-cones I'm going to eat!  Well... slurp?  Ya slurp is a better description.  Lol!  I'm really looking forward to this, and I hope this makes everyone's summer a bit more enjoyable!  Plus who doesn't love sno-cones?! 

A little side note:  The Great Book Scavenger Hunt contest is about to end!!!  If you haven't entered your final entry form yet, and you have extra entries GO ENTER!  If you have not filled out the Final Entry Form, yet you have answered clues you are NOT automatically entered to win.  So please, please, PLEASE take two seconds and fill out the form!  I would hate for anyone to miss out on winning!


Shadow of the Vampire

Two book reviews in one day?!  Shocking! I literally just finished this and I had to review it NOW!  Before I go to work that is.  Haha!

Synopsis: Even vampires should never sleep with the enemy.

Vampire princess Alexia Feodorovna has been undead for 125 years, so it's been a while since any man has made her pulse race. Until Declan Black. One look at his bronzed body and a fire like no other consumes her. Then she discovers that he's a dragon lord come to take revenge on the vamps who killed his parents. And claim a crystal said to imbue its owner with incredible powers.

Alexia is ordered to torture and kill the dragon lord. Yet with each reckless encounter, she finds herself consumed by his fiery passion. A passion Declan battles, as well. Will he be able to resist the fire of lust she kindles within him and keep revenge in his heart? Or will he risk everything to quench the burning desire and claim the vampire as his own?

My Review: I received this awesome book from netGalley and I am so glad Aly led me to that wonderful site!  Thank you my dear!  After reading the synopsis for this book I was most perplexed by "dragon lord."  What's a dragon lord?  Like is it a title or is he actually a DRAGON?! Ya well, he's a dragon.  A very tanned, hot, smexy dragon. *waggles eyebrows*  

At the start of the story I immediately sympathized with the dragons.  On the precipice of extinction, they struggle to evolve in a world full of humans,while trying to fight their vampire enemies.  Declan is the new king after both his parents have been murdered by the vampires.  He swears revenge, and on a suicide mission with his sister, attempts to steal a powerful crystal that he believes holds the salvation of his people.  Things, however, don't go according to plan.  Declan is captured by the heir to the vampire throne, Alexia.  

Alexia, who is stuck in her own version of hell, is not your typical vampire.  I found her character very refreshing and vulnerable.  While she is trained as a soldier and is in line for the throne, life isn't peachy.  Having been raped by her mothers lover, she lives in terror of his very presence.  She is a tool in his evil games and her mother is lost in his lies.  With no one on her side, she struggles to do what she feels is right, even if it against everything she has been taught.  Her attraction to Declan is immediate.  Drawn to his fierceness and bravery in battle she cannot help but admire him.  

Both Declan and Alexia try to fight their growing attraction to one another, knowing that to pursue it would condemn them as traitors to their own race.  I thought their relationship was believable, even though it was rather rushed.  Though they fell in love in just a few days, the premise for their love in each other was completely believable.  Alexia is just as much scared and battered as Declan, though in a different way.  The two of them have kindred spirits and they find a sense of completeness when they are together.  

Though the plot was at times predictable, there were still some surprises that threw me for a loop.  It is a great twist on the classic star-crossed lovers scenario, except it was ten times better because well there are vampires and dragons.  Duh.  Some unique ideas that I particularly loved was that dragons weren't just magical, intelligent beasts.  It was really quite awesome that dragons were shape shifters.  It made things a lot more interesting to say the least.  The whole war between vampires and dragons was also something unexpected.  Everyone knows that vampires and lycans hate each other, but I never ever expected dragons to be thrown in.  Very unique idea and I loved it.  I only had a few pet peeves concerning the writing.  Why must Alexia be clad in leather bustiers and five inch heel stripper boots? Just why?!  I just hate that!  >.<  Okay, well that was rather my only pet peeve.  Haha.  The only other thing I could possibly criticize is that I wish there was more back story.  There's this huge potential for amazing sub-plots and the history of both races.  While reading I felt like "oh well that's cool, but why?"  I felt like I didn't get to know any of the history or story of the characters.  However I think my little issue with that will be resolves later. *wink wink*  

The ending was nicely done and almost all loose ends were tied up.  However I am hoping for a sequel!  There are just a few unresolved little issues that are just demanding it!  I really want to know about the potential romance of two characters and of course want to know what becomes of the Vampire Horde.  Overall a great read that had me staying up till 2 in the morning and consequently getting chewed out.  :P  It was worth it though!   

Award time!

I got an award! YAY!  Thanks so much to Alisha @ Alisha's World!  So this is probably really late, but Alisha deary you have to forgive me because I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. 

Once you get this award, you have to answer a series of questions using ONE-WORD answers.

1. Where is your cell phone? purse
2. Your hair? blond
3. Your mother? awesome
4. Your father? goofy
5. Your favorite food? Thai
6. Your dream last night? inappropriate
7. Your favorite drink? lemonade
8. Your dream/goal? artist
9. What room are you in? basement
10. Your hobby? drawing
11. Your fear? Needles
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? successful
13. Where were you last night? work
14. Something that you aren’t? Shy
15. Muffins? duh!
16. Wish list item? puppy
17. Where did you grow up? Nebraska
18. Last thing you did? ate
19. What are you wearing? shorts/tanktop
20. Your TV? On
21. Your pets? Cat!
22. Friends? Loveable
23. Your life? Insane
24. Your mood? Meh?
25. Missing someone? No
26. Car? Yep
27. Something you’re not wearing? bra
28. Your favorite store? B&N
29. Your favorite color? purple
30. When was the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? Thursday
32. Your best friend? too many
33. One place that I go to over and over? Sno-shack
34. One person who emails me regularly? Goodreads >.<
35. Favorite place to eat? Wild Rice (their thai is AMAZING)

Wow that was entertaining.  ^.^ Do you wonder how I could possibly know the last time I cried?  Thursday because of Grey's Anatomy!  I bawled like a baby!   *tear tear*  Anywho!  I pass this award onto:

Aly @ Fantasy 4 Eva
Steph@ Papercut Reviews
Leilani@ Leilani Loves Books
Beth@ Maybe Tomorrow?
Amanda@ Not-Really-Southern-Vamp Chick
Linda@ The Optimistic Pessimist

Manga Mash!

I read a book?!  WAH?!  Shocking I know, since I haven't managed to finish a book in what seems like forever! I'm currently reading two right now and my attention being split between two books when I know I have another one on the way is just maddening!  Okay so Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales isn't technically a book.  It's manga, but I LOVE manga so all is well!

Summary: The desert is far away from the schemes of the Faerie Courts—and that's how Rika likes it. Once a mortal and now a faery, Rika seeks isolation and revels in her ability to appear invisible to humans. Then, she meets him. Artistic and kind, Jayce is the last person Rika wants to hide from.

But change is coming, challenging Rika's freedom and her new romance, as her past pursues her, even into the heart of the desert. . . . 

My Review: So if you couldn't tell I absolutely adore Melissa Marr's books. Wicked Lovely is one of my all time favorite books so I was thrilled to find out that Melissa got a manga deal.  For some reason when I first read the description of Desert Tales, Rika just didn't click with me.  I was just like "Rika?  Who?" Of course after I re-read the first two books and then finished the series I was like "I HAVE TO READ THIS!" Amazingly my local (and only) bookstore had the first two volumes.  I bought the first one because it was used and in excellent condition and well graphic novels are pricey so I just wanted to see if I would like it.  And now I'm wishing I bought the second one too!   I literally read Vol. 1 in less than an hour!  I devoured it that quickly! 

I loved the fact that Marr decided to explore one of the previous Winter Girl's life after Keenan.  All of us fans know that Keenan fills you with false promises of love and then drops you like a fly once you turn out to not be his foretold Queen.  In the Wicked Lovely books we experience some of Donia's pain and loneliness while she was a Winter Girl, yet we get no glimpse at what life is like after a Winter Girl is freed of her duties.  Enter Rika.  After being freed from the dark and frozen life of a Winter Girl she heads into the desert, the one place free of the cold that haunts her dreams.  As a solitary fey she has no affiliations or loyalties to any court, and that's the way Rika likes it.  Even though Rika is free from the Summer Court, she is not accepted amongst the solitary fey either.  Her sole friend, Shionnach seems to have motives of his own.  However Rika cannot escape court politics as easily as she thinks.  Keenan makes an unexpected visit, offering protection for her fealty, an offer Rika would never accept. 

I'm glad that Rika has never forgiven Keenan.  He said he loved her, asked her to give up everything for him, and she suffered for her love.  It's nice to see that someone hates the bastard as much as I do.  I love Rika's character.  Artistic, appreciative of nature, and has an affinity for awesome ear piercings, she feels like a kindred soul.  She's fiery, fiercely loyal, and protective.  She's the strongest of any of the solitary fey, yet she doesn't flaunt or use her strength.  She just wants to be left alone, craving the life of a human.  A life that was stolen from her.  I also loved her love interest.  Jayce, a human, who comes out to the desert to draw, immediately draws Rika's attention. He is loving, easy going, artistic, and loves nature just as much as she does.  Yet Rika watches him while invisible.  She cannot risk involving him in the faery world, where it is as much cruel as beautiful. 

While the plot wasn't all that intriguing it is just a lovely side story that explores a set of intriguing characters.  It's not completely devoid of other Wicked Lovely characters, and the story lines connect nicely.  Beautifully drawn and a very quick read I would definitely recommend it.  The only down point I could possibly complain about is the fact that I read it so quickly!  I felt that a lot of the pages were simply drawings!  I wanted more dialogue!  Or internal thoughts!  Something!  I just can't wait to get my hands on Vol. 2!  I need more!!! 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Long over due...

If all the things I needed to update in the internet world suddenly manifested into paperwork, this would be me.  So as you may have guessed, UPDATE TIME!  I feel like I have so many things to talk about!  Yikes! *cracks knuckles* 

First and foremost, the book for Book Bloggers Anonymous has been chosen!  Participants will be reading A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix!  I'm very glad that this book one!  FBI agent, serial killer, guns, leather, and supernatural hotties?  Yes please!  I already ordered it and am eagerly awaiting a book sized package on my doorstep!  Thanks for all those who voted!  I can't wait to get cracka-lackin on BBA!  My excitement still hasn't abated!  Lol.  And... this isn't the end of it.  Paranormal Haven is being a wonderful guinea pig/ first host and has a ton of things planned!  Make sure to stop in regularly and see what new and amazing things they have up their sleeves!

Second of all I have to tell y'all about a new wonderful book tour that is also the brilliant brain child of Steph @ Papercut Reviews!  The Traveling Book Gnome (isn't that just adorable?!) is her great idea to spread the love on great books and to bring all of us bloggers together! Our first book is They Call Me Death by Missy Jane!  The story sounds really original and intriguing.  Plus hey once again, supernaturals and guns?  Yes indeed!   If you are interested in joining contact Steph, and be sure to check out the Goodreads group!   Oh and one more thing.  Isn't Finn cute?!  Finn being the little gnome that will accompany the books on their journey around the country.  I cannot wait to receive him!!! *jumps up and down*

And a quick side note here.  OMG! WHAT IS WITH ALL THE NEW FOLLOWERS?!  Not that I'm complaining but WOW!  I feel loved!  Hahah!  Seriously guys, thanks for the support!  ^.^  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!  Unicorns and kittens and rainbows!  Oh my!  Oh dear... now I have Wizard of Oz in my head... *shudders*  Oh boy I'm scaring myself again... better just drink my strawberry/raspberry iced tea. Hasta la vista!

Friday, May 21, 2010


So this is totally how I feel right now.  Granted my hair isn't red and I don't think I have any books quite that bulky, but the expression is exactly the same.  :/ Emoticons just don't seem to convey quite enough, so I thought I'd post a picture.  Wondering why I have been MIA this past week?  Well actually, it's been more than a week... Since my last post as you all know I was leaving for the weekend.  I returned to mi casa around nine o'clock and immediately got onto my laptop.  Only to discover that my laptop wouldn't connect to the internet.  No big deal, right?  WRONG.  I tried again the next night after I got home from a day of pointless school and work, to only discover that I STILL didn't have internet connection!  And what did I discover? That my home network suddenly needed a password and a network key!  Which we don't have!  I raged and raged and was about to call our internet provider when I realized that bitching and complaining to them about how my laptop suddenly wouldn't connect to our internet, when we're not paying for wifi would only alert them to the fact that I was getting free internet... Dilemma, dilemma.  So amidst trying to study for Chemistry, AP American History, and Trig finals I was trying to find time to actually sit down on the computer and at least check my emails.  Wednesday night after I got home from work, yet again I got on my home computer but went to bed somewhat early because I had to help out with Freshmen Orientation.  Yay for National Honor Society duties *unenthusiastic finger wave* So when I actually had time to sit down and waste my time away what happens?!  You guessed it!  I LOST INTERNET TO MY HOME COMPUTER!  Firefox, Internet Explorer!  Nothing!  Nada! Zip!  Zilch! Zero! For almost three days!   So yes.  As you may have guessed I FINALLY got internet back or else I wouldn't be ranting to you guys about it.  :P  So I feel lots better now.  Hahaha!  Rant over.  Thank you for listening.  Please come again!

Just kidding I'm not done.  :P  So aside from my very frustrating internet difficulties, I have to say just one thing.... SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!  And yes I am totally singing that song right now!  Hahahahaha!  I'm really excited!  I never thought I would actually admit to it, but I'm so glad I live in the midwest!  I'm laughing at all you eastcoast dwelling bloggers right now!  You don't even know!  HA! (Yes Andrea I'm talking to you XP ) The only thing killing my Summer Fever is my work schedule.  Last day of school, I closed at work. First day of summer, I was back at the school at eight in the morning and was there all morning to play mentor to a bunch of freshmen.  And what did I do that evening?  Yes you guessed it again!  I went to work! Wow you guys are psyhic!  Second, but kind of first day of summer?  Spent all day cleaning my room and doing laundry and then went to work yet again.   What am I doing tomorrow?  Closing at work.  What am I doing Sunday?  Closing at work.  Monday? Closing.  Tuesday?  Closing.  Wednesday?  Not closing but still working.  Thursday?  Yep you guessed it again, closing.    Getting why I'm kind of depressed?  I feel like such a push over.  "Kyleigh can you cover for me?"  (me reluctantly) "Yes."  Do I ever ask anyone to cover for me in return?  Yes, once in a blue moon, but I always trade shifts or compensate!  I baked a co-worker cupcakes for pete's sake!  I had to bribe him to cover my shift!  Seriously!  And I just have to keep telling myself "Paycheck, paycheck, paycheck, paycheck, paycheck, paycheck!" Or else I'm liable to scream at someone, and well me losing my temper = scary.  O.O 

Ahhh.  I feel lots better now.  Blogging is so therapeutic.  *contented sigh*  Thanks for letting me rage.  I REALLY needed that.  Oh and a little forewarning.  You'll probably be seeings lots of posts from me this weekend.  Or well... maybe just really long ones.  *giggles insanely*  Oh dear... that's my cue to stop typing.  Adios mis amigos!