Friday, January 20, 2012

Cover Crazy (37)

Cover Crazy is a meme created by Tawni @ The Bookworms to share book covers that you are thrilled about. This week it's The Girl in the Clockwork Collar! I still haven't read the Girl in the Steel Corset, but I still adore these covers! I'm actually pleased that they chose to focus on a different character for the cover! That's usually very uncommon.  Love it! The dress is stunning and the collar is just so cool! Can't wait for this one! And of course for me to have time to read the first one.  :)


Anonymous said...

Hmm I think this cover is nice, but it's lacking some 'depth', it just feels so one-dimensional. I prefer the cover of Steel Corset.

LoriStrongin said...

I agree with Katie about the lack of depth (I think it's the background being a drab color which fades too much behind the vibrancy of the dress.) But what I DO like is that this is one of the rare covers not "white washed" by the art department. There have been a couple cases in the past few years with the bigger houses using their go-to blonde/brunette caucasian models when the MC is black, asian, or hispanic. So I absolutely applaud the cover artist here for staying true to the author's vision of her characters.