Friday, November 18, 2011

Review: Slide

Synopsis: Vee Bell is certain of one irrefutable truth—her sister’s friend Sophie didn’t kill herself. She was murdered.

Vee knows this because she was there. Everyone believes Vee is narcoleptic, but she doesn’t actually fall asleep during these episodes: When she passes out, she slides into somebody else’s mind and experiences the world through that person’s eyes. She’s slid into her sister as she cheated on a math test, into a teacher sneaking a drink before class. She learned the worst about a supposed “friend” when she slid into her during a school dance. But nothing could have prepared Vee for what happens one October night when she slides into the mind of someone holding a bloody knife, standing over Sophie’s slashed body.

Vee desperately wishes she could share her secret, but who would believe her? It sounds so crazy that she can’t bring herself to tell her best friend, Rollins, let alone the police. Even if she could confide in Rollins, he has been acting off lately, more distant, especially now that she’s been spending more time with Zane.

Enmeshed in a terrifying web of secrets, lies, and danger and with no one to turn to, Vee must find a way to unmask the killer before he or she strikes again. 

My Review: When I first read the synopsis for Slide I was highly intrigued.  Sliding into someone else when you fall asleep is a highly original concept.  And a murder mystery is always a good thing. So going into this book I was pretty excited.  While the idea was very cool I felt like the story needed a bit more fleshing to make it REALLY good.  

Everyone thinks Vee is narcoleptic, and Vee is glad for it.  The one time she tried to tell her father what was really happening he sent her to a shrink and pumped her full of meds.  Vee doesn't tell anyone of her unique gift, especially not her best friend Rollins.  She avoids physical contact with people or touching other people's things because they trigger her episodes.  And yet, her accidental slides reveal that her sister and her best friend are planning on "teaching a lesson" to one of their other friends.  When Sophie's body is found, a supposed suicide, Vee knows it isn't true.  Because she slid into the killer while holding the knife.  Vee is desperate to find who the culprit is through her own investigation.  She can't tell anyone of her suspicions because no one would believe her.  When another girl turns up dead, Vee is even more worried for her sister's safety.  She starts using her gift instead of trying to avoid it, and what she uncovers nobody could guess.  

Overall I really enjoyed Vee's character.  She was tough and sarcastic, but still had that big sister instinct.  The only thing that really annoyed me about Vee was that damn pink hair.  I mean really? What speaks more "rebel" than pink hair? You don't have to dye your hair an unnatural color to get the message of "leave me alone." It was just totally stereotypical and I didn't like it.  Otherwise, I really liked her character.  

Rollins was just awesome.  Maybe I have a soft spot for guys with dark hair and lip rings and artistic skills, but he was amazing.  Rollins saved Vee from a dick of a date who tried to take advantage of Vee during one of her episodes and they have been best friends ever since. Of course, Rollins cares for Vee more than just a friend, but Vee just doesn't want to acknowledge it.  It just frustrates me to no end that the best friend hardly EVER gets the girl.  And by the time Vee realizes her true feelings it's kind of a mute point.  

I thought I had the killer pinned from the beginning.  Ya, totally wrong.  About half way I started to suspect someone else and I knew something was totally fishy about him.  Once two separate things were revealed though everything clicked. Then I could successfully shout "I KNEW IT!" at the book.  

Overall it was a refreshing story with a very good murder mystery plot.  I really enjoyed it as a whole.  Totally wish Rollins got more face time, but *shrug* I'm hoping for a sequel.  I wish the whole plot twist would have been more fleshed out though.  It was explained but it still just felt really random.  Seemed like a very thinly planned motive.  Will be interested to see if there is a second book though.  I really like the concept. 


Alexa said...

Lol my boyfriend was my best friend before we started to date, so best friends do get the girl.

I love how Rollins sounds but it seems like the rest of the novel could have used some work. I'm on the fence about this one!

Thanks for the great review though! :)

The Insouciant Sophisticate said...

What an interesting concept; I've never heard of this book but the mystery aspect sounds very intriguing. Although I'm usually bad at figuring out whodunnit, I'd love to see if I could solve it like you did.