Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm back!

So I'm betting all of you have been wondering, "Where'd Ky go?!" Sorry for the abrupt disappearance but I forgot to update the blog.  I was in Europe for two weeks, and believe it or not but Europeans do not believe in free wifi.  Most frustrating few weeks of my life.  Otherwise I had a great time!  But I'm sooo glad to be back.  Lots of reviews will be coming plus an author interview and tour for Megg Jensen and her upcoming release of Oubliette.  Updates will be fast and furious so I apologize ahead of time.  Oh and a giveaway/contest will be soon so be on the lookout! :)


Paper Cut Reviewer said...

Hey Ky! Welcome back! Great to hear you had a fantastic time in Europe=)Hope you have an awesome week!

Khadija said...

Hey Ky! Welcome back ^-^ I didn't really notice you were gone...because I was gone too but it's great that we're both back now :P