Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Name a Character Contest!

Megg Jensen is once again having another sweet contest! For Anathema she had a contest to name the main character and she's doing it again for the sequel!  I really loved Anathema so I am PSYCHED to read Oubliette.  The character for Oubliette is another vital character to the story and anyone up to it can submit their own idea for a name. 

The character is the prophet who predicted Reychel's coming. He's been dead for six hundred years. His life is well-documented in his journals, but one journal is missing - the one that just might help Reychel unlock the key to understanding, and using, her gift. He's wily, cunning, and quite possibly a madman. Just a first name.

And the prizes you may ask? The winner will be thanked in Oubliette's acknowledgments,  win 5 Oubliette bookmarks, and you can win a second edition paperback of Anathema or you can wait and get a free copy of Oubliette (coming late spring/early summer).

And my name suggestion is..... Shariff! (Share-eef) For some reason I was stuck on R names for a while.  Roland, Rezo,....Renfield. Haha! JK but I just liked the sound of this name.  Mystical, more archaic, and can sound a little loopy.  I think it's a good fit. XD 

Contest ends tomorrow so if you're interested get in your name! Go and enter HERE!


Kristina said...

I went over and posted a name, I went for Ardin, there were 2 others I was thinking about, but I settled on this one :)
Thanks for letting me know

Katie said...

Very cool contest! Talk about a great idea if you're a writer and can't think of a good name for a character lol