Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anathema Launch Contest!

Okay, I am super excited for this book.  Ever since I read the first chapter about two weeks ago I've gone slightly manic.  Blog stalking...just a bit!  Nothing creepy!  Just a bit of obsessive checking.  I went to buy it yesterday and discovered that B&N doesn't have paperback copies which to say the least really irked me off.  But don't worry!  I shall get my copy!!!! I am determined! And to celebrate the launch, Megg is holding one kick ass contest.  So you know the "guess how many jelly beans are in a jar" game?  I like to think of Sheen from  Jimmy Neutron (don't look at me like that, I'm a kid at heart) Well Megg's contest is similar.  Guess how many copies of Anathema is sold through March 11th and you could win a Nook or Kindle!  And of course a free copy of Anathema.  Flippin awesome doesn't even begin to cover it.  Plus there are two runner ups!

The rules are simple!  You don't have to hit the mark from one guess.  You can earn multiple guesses by doing different things.  Here's the different ways  you can earn guesses.

Here's how to earn guesses: (You can pick & choose, you DO NOT have to do all of them.)
  • Buy a copy of Anathema (links to everywhere it's sold at the bottom of this post) - 2 guesses
(must prove by emailing me a pic of you with the book or with your e-reader on Chapter Ten of Anathema - your picture may end up on my blog!!!! I cannot guarantee how fast Amazon will ship your book. If the contest is nearly over and your copy hasn't arrived, drop me an email.)
  • Promote & link to this contest on your Facebook page - 1 guess
(if we're not FB friends, take a screenshot & email it to me or send me a friend request & tag me in the post)
  • Promote this contest on Twitter with a link to the contest - 1 guess
(tag me, @meggjensen1, so I can see the tweet for verification)
  • Blog about this contest with a link to the contest - 1 guess
(link to your post in your comment below)

No purchase is necessary to play. There are plenty of options above to play for free!

If you're interested (and frankly who wouldn't be?) head over to Megg's BLOG and enter!  And while you're there, read the first chapter.  It already has me sucked in and that was just a teaser! 


Megg Jensen said...

Hey Ky,

B&N does have ;)

Thanks again for posting about this. You rock!!!! :D