Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year!

Well happy belated New Year everybody!  I hope you all had a magnificent New Year and you've all set your new years resolutions!  What are my resolutions you may ask?  1. To go back on my diet and not fall off the horse this time after five months and 2. To start doing regular posts on my blog again.  I stopped doing Meme's a while ago, and frankly only doing reviews is just not enough for me anymore.  So anyone have any suggestions?  I'll probably do IMM and one other but it probably won't extend beyond that.  So if anyone makes a suggestion I'll probably do it.  Haha. 

So while I am super excited for this year for a number of reasons; I'm graduating from highschool and going to Europe this summer, the first three days of this year have sucked major ass.  In the wee hours of New Years morning, I suddenly get a flat tire.  Yay right? Then at four thirty this morning someone tried breaking into our cars.  I'll tell you what I will never leave my car doors unlocked ever again.  And then later this morning our garbage disposal breaks.  Then on the way to get  my flat tire fix, my spare goes flat as well!   At least it can only get better.  It's all uphill from here, right?  (lol sorry couldn't resist the Due Date reference)  So ya, the year so far has sucked.  I hope yours isn't as bad as mine. 

On to less depressing news.  I'm sure most of you participated in the 2010 Reading Challenge like I did.  I read 101 books!  And in case you are wondering that is 34,720  pages!  Woot for me!  I'm shocked I actually accomplished it.  And of course I'm going to participate in the 2011 one as well!  I've already got two books down!  Check out the challenge and join!  It's awesome to challenge yourself and in the process you get to read all the books you want and who knows you may even spread your horizons.  Best wishes to all of you and remember!  Always lock your doors!  XD


Malbebe said...

Aww. I hope your year does get way better. I too had a crappy start to the new year. I got sick! But all is well again. =)
Happy New Year and I can't wait for more posts from you.

Anonymous said...

101 books is awesome.

I challenged myself on Goodreads with 150 this year. I think I'll make it.