Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog Tour Stop for Lucien Black!

Hey guys!  Long time no see! I put the blame on band, homework, work, and book tours.  O.O  Yeeash!  Anyway I've managed to crawl out of my little hidey hole in order to do some pimpage for a new book!  This is the current stop among many other blogs for Lucien Black's book tour.  I'm very excited to be apart of it, and hope y'all will enjoy my little stop.  Lucien has provided an excerpt of the short stories series Myth for you all to enjoy.

And here's a little message from Lucien before you all start reading.  ^.^

First I want to thank Ky for giving me a spot on her blog. This has been an awesome tour and
I am looking forward to sharing some of the new volume of No Vacancies with Ky’s followers.
For those of you new to the series, I want to give you an brief intro before we get into the
excerpt. The concept of No Vacancies started with a profound love for all things comic book
related. I had many comic book scripts written for original works and they sat around waiting
for me to break into the industry. Thankfully, my wife challenged me to adapt a different style
of writing to my scripts and convert them into short stories. I argued at first, but eventually
found myself slipping easily into this new routine. What I needed was an idea that would convey
the type of story I wanted to write, but for a while new medium. Taking some cues from the
old movie serials, comic books and the old pulp magazines, I developed the concept of No

Two volumes of No Vacancies are released each year and each book contains four short stories.
At times, the stories are stand alone, or appear only in the one volume of No Vacancies. These
are ideas or concepts that I felt I needed to convey, but were not necessarily part of a bigger
series or story. The first volume of No Vacancies contains a story called “One More Sunday”,
which tells the tale of the events which led up to the death of the city’s primary superhero. In
this noir thriller, Detective Sam Arkwright finds himself wrapped up in a case that is beyond his
imagination and takes him to the edge and back as he uncovers not only how the Protector died,
but secrets hidden away long ago but the reclusive superhero.

The other stories contained in the series are serialized or episodic tales, told over multiple
volumes of the No Vacancies series. So, each volume of the series, contains a part or
episode of the titled story. Outcast, for example, starts in No Vacancies Volume 1 and
ends in No Vacancies Volume 4, with some heavy cliffhanger endings along the way.

So as a treat for the followers of Can't Find a Bookmark, I have for you the first part of a brand new, exciting series that premiers in the latest volume of No Vacancies. The story is called Myth and follows Nick Maverick as he learns that his lineage is a noble and glorious one…he’s the son of Zeus. To the dismay of the gods, Zeus has gone missing and so have the heroes of Olympus.
The gods call upon Nick to help and the story that unfolds is an amazing tale of adventure and
mythology. I hope you enjoy chapter 1 of Myth.

A blast of bright white electricity crackled as it flew through the night, hit Agrios against the
chest and knocked the giant into the air until he crashed into a marble column and thudded
to the ground. The old column crumbled under the weight of the nine-foot tall giant, but the
blast knocked him out cold. Zeus took the opportunity to escape so he turned and ran into the
ruins of the Temple of Hephaestus and stumbled on the crumbling stairs that lead to the interior
of the temple. Zeus had to find a way to get the high ground since he could not take on all
his assailants at once…at least not on Earth. As he entered the temple, long rows of columns
surrounded the exterior of the building and Zeus used them as cover, darting from pillar to pillar, eyes fixated on the black night.

As Zeus turned the corner and head to the innermost rooms of the temple, another giant,
Sykeus, reached in, grabbed the Lord of the Gods by the hair, and ripped him from the temple.
Sykeus was much taller than his brethren were; at least three feet taller and a few hundred
pounds heavier. As he pulled Zeus from the temple, the god bounced off two columns, which
disintegrated from the impact. Zeus was no slouch at nearly seven feet tall on Earth, but Sykeus’
strength was amazing. Zeus screamed in pain as he tried to wrestle free, but the Giant held fast.
With all his might, Sykeus lifted Zeus into the air and drove the God’s body into the ground.
Sykeus laughed and said, “You are weak.”

Zeus tried to stand, but Sykeus was too fast and with a swift kick to the stomach, sent Zeus
flying through the air. Zeus thought he landed against a tree, but to his surprise, he thudded
to a halt against the leg of Thoon, another Giant. Thoon drove both forearms against Zeus’
back and crushed him into the ground. Zeus was in trouble and he didn’t know what he
could do. Thoon reached down, grabbed Zeus by the throat and lifted him into the air.

“Stop,” a voice called out from the side; a voice that was very familiar to Zeus.

“We were just getting started,” Sykeus said.

“I said stop,” the man said stepping forward.

“You,” Zeus mumbled.

“Release him,” the man said and with that, Thoon slammed Zeus down to the ground with a

“It’s so hard to find good help,” the man said.

“What have you done?” Zeus mumbled.

“I have done what countless others before me have tried and failed to do.”

“You won’t get away with this,” Zeus said, climbing onto his hands and knees. “I am the Master
of the Gods.”

“On Mt. Olympus maybe, but on Earth you are far weaker,” the man said. “This is exactly why I
lured you here. Old Zeus…can’t keep his hands off the ladies. Your thirst for flesh will be your

“I’ll kill you first, you insolent,” Zeus tried to stand but Thoon slammed his fist against the back
of his neck and knocked the god to the ground. Zeus skidded a few feet and came to rest at the
feet of the man.

The man leaned down, pulled Zeus up by his hair, and smiled. “Tonight, your reign comes to an
end,” the man said and then dropped Zeus to the ground. “Make it slow and painful,” the man
said to the Giants.

Thoon cracked his knuckles while Sykeus and Agrios walked forward. The three giants
converged on Zeus and began landing blow after blow on the God.

The man walked away from the temple slowly and reached into his crimson robe. From it, he
pulled a small hand held mirror, which he opened. After a few seconds, an image appeared on
the mirror and the man said, “It is done.”

“Good,” a voice asked. “Are you certain he will be out of the picture?”

“The giants are having their way with him right now,” the man replied. “When they get finished,
there will be nothing left of the Lord of Olympus.”

“Good, then phase one of our plan is complete,” the voice said.

“What now?”

“Return to Olympus, they will soon realize Zeus is missing and we can’t afford to have you
found out just yet.”

“Very well,” the man said and closed the mirror.

Like bass rumbling through the countryside, the sound of the giants beating Zeus filled the air.
The man continued to walk away from the scene until a bright flash of light caught his eye. He
turned back and saw a flash of lightning rise up from the ground from where he left Zeus and the
giants. Before the bolt had a chance to touch the sky, the light fizzled out and darkness covered
the landscape. The man smiled and then to his surprise a wave of guilt washed over him. For
a moment, regret and fear filled him. What had he just done? He shook his head and pushed
those feelings aside. Zeus’ reign over Olympus was over and it was time for a new God to rise.

If you like what you read be sure to check out Lucien's website as well!