Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review: Dead in the Family

Synopsis: Sookie Stackhouse has finally settled into a relationship with the Viking vampire Eric, and her errant brother Jason seems to have his life in order, too. But all the other people in Sookie’s life – Eric himself, her former lover Bill, her friend and boss Sam – are having family problems. Eric’s maker shows up with Eric’s ‘brother’ in tow, the ailing Bill can only be healed by a blood sibling, and Sam’s brother’s marriage is about to take place... or will it? The furor raised by the coming out of the two-natured has yet to settle; some people are just not ready to sit down to dinner with a man who turns into a dog. And Sookie herself is still recovering from her last ordeal. She’s definitely improving, physically and mentally, but she’s always going to have some dark moments now. The werewolves tell her that there have been strange and ominous passers-by in the Stackhouse woods; now Sookie is about to come face-to-face with one of her more distant relatives...

My Review: The title certainly lives up to the plot.   Family problems is an all around theme in the latest installment of the Sookie Stackhouse Series.  I FINALLY got this from my public library after waiting for about a  month.  >.<  I hate waiting lists.  

Going into it, I wasn't sure how I was going to like it.  I had read so many reviews saying that it read more like a novella than an actual novel, and that it just seemed like filler.  Well I've got a news flash for those reviewers out there.  Hello?!  Of course it's filler!  It's the 10th book!  The last 9 have been filler!  Get over it! Okay, tiny rant done.  It just annoys me how some people review.  Like really?  If you're going to say that about Dead in the Family you might as well say it for the rest of the series because it basically applies to all of the books.  Why just pick on the latest one?  *shakes head*  

Anyway... I at least enjoyed it.  One of the best aspects about these books is that they're entertaining and fun.  The writing isn't particularly intriguing and the "mystery" aspect of the novels isn't all that gripping but I still like them.  I adore Sookie.  She is probably one of the most relatable MC's out there.  Another thing I love about these books is that they don't really follow a contrived plotline.  Maybe it's just me in thinking this, but when I read a Sookie Stackhouse book I feel like I'm reading about the life of a real person.  I don't feel like I'm reading about a character in a novel, but I feel as if Sookie is an actual person.  Events unfold naturally without a bunch of contrived tension and mystery and I find that refreshing.  I enjoy reading about Sookie's life and I don't need any cheesy plot-twists to satisfy me.  

I enjoyed a lot of aspects about the latest installment.  First and foremost... more Eric!!!! *drools*  All you Eric fangirls are hooting and hollering already. It's to be expected.  That man is way to fine for words.  I could have gone with more Sookie/Eric time, but it was nicely balanced with the rest of the story.  Another commendable event that occurred was that Bill was reunited with his "sibling".  And hopefully that will lead to him getting over Sookie.  I'm crossing my fingers, because I really like his "sister" and even though I still don't forgive Bill, I think he deserves some happiness.  Plus we get to see Hunter again!  That little boy is just so adorable!  Plus I like his father Remy.  He's such a good dad.  ^.^  Oh and another thing I didn't think I'd be too happy about.  Claude makes a huge appearance.  Yes he is a gorgeous asshole.  I usually hate those character types, but I find myself sympathizing with Claude and I really do think he's changing for the better.  Plus there is a lot more to Dermot than anyone thinks.  I knew it!  That is all I am going to say on the matter.  If you've already read Dead in the Family you'll know what I'm talking about.  *wink wink*  

And I shall leave you with my favorite line of the whole entire book.  Possibly the whole series.  I give you.... Pam!!!  "F--k a zombie!"  (I am so stealing that line)


Paper Cut Reviewer said...

Hi Ky! Great review:) I am so behind in this series *sigh*. What else is new right I so behind on everything, lol. BTW great line! LOL! Your blog looks great;)

Blueicegal ♥ said...

Kay is like a Eric whore i kid you not lol, I'm going to find that man one day hunni and bring him to your apartment *im assuming Eric is an apartment kinda guy* lol yay!

Ky said...

Bahahahaaha!!! Almas if you could magically transport Alexander Skarsgard to my house I would kiss the ground you walk on. XD Too bad my True Blood buddy already claimed Eric. She literally went "ERIC IS MINE!" She even looked like a scary vampire while saying it. Lol.

Shantal said...

I've heard good things about this series. It is on my wish list! Great review !!

BTW I'm grabbing your button :)
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