Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hola mis amigos!!!!

If you're wondering about the Spanish that's because I'M BACK IN SCHOOL!  Joy oh wonderful joy.  On the plus side I am a SENIOR this year, and it totally kicks ass.  My life is good right now.  For the most part.  Lol.  So of course with the start of school again my blogging time has been severely cut, not to mention the nights I close at work.  Between my Honors Spanish 4 (which I am severely lost in because I took a year off Spanish last year), printmaking, and work I'm a bit behind.  Not to mention all the books I keep getting in the mail!  I knew I'd regret signing up for so many book tours.  Two came in one day last week.  Then another one the following day.  I just received two more in the mail yesterday and sent another one off today!  *bangs head on wall*  What did I get myself into?  O.O 

So what is the point of all this blathering you may wonder?  Not much... just some random update stuff since I haven't posted in forever.  Numero uno on my list is that I have 3 reviews I need to write and they shall be up soon.  Promise.  No later than the end of the week.  Or Sunday... I'll get them up eventually...

Numero dos is that the first round for Princess Bookie's Losing Faith cover-redesign contest is up!  Now I'm not asking you to just vote for my design.  In fact, I voted for someone else's design.  Only if you HONESTLY like mine, then please vote for it.  I'm not expecting it to win or anything but it would be cool if it made it a few rounds.  XP  So please go vote HERE!  There are soooo many cool ones!  It was a nightmare picking!  Here's mine again!

Tres is some rather sad news.  So it's rather a long bit of a boring story but here's the short dirty version.  My parents are getting divorced.  Skipidee doo da yay.  Both my parents have been getting on me about spending money.  Don't know why since it's MY MONEY.  I have a job ya know.  I pay my own gas and yearly taxes on my car.  My parents hardly EVER buy ANYTHING for me.  Clearly they have good reason's for making sure that I don't go blowing money because we're going to be financially tight for a while.  I know this.  I'm not stupid.  That doesn't mean I'm going to go eat out every day for lunch and buy 50 dollars worth of books every week.  Soooooo I've been contemplating pulling out of Blogfest.  I REALLY don't want to.  Unless I can get my own separate banking account ASAP so my mother doesn't spy on my spending it's probably not going to happen.  I don't even want to THINK about the hour long lecture I'd get for spending money on random strangers for my blog.    So just wanted you guys to be aware that it may not happen.  I'd be horrifically depressed if I couldn't do it.  But well moola would be the major issue there. 

So sob story over, and I think that about concludes my little update segment.  XD  Oh oh oh!  And who else is going to go see Vampire's Suck!  If not tonight than I'll definitely be going tomorrow night!  Can't wait!!!! Tis going to be beyond epic! 

And.... I think that's it... yes.  90% sure... whatever.  Lol.  I'm off to do my spanish homework and draw a conch shell for print making.  That damn shell is being a pain in the ass.  Hate drawing from life and drawing in shade shapes.  >.<  Why can't I just shade?!!! And now I'm ranting again.  Lol.  Toodles! 


Mg (LWS) said...

Lovely, have fun with marching band! :) Whens the first game?! Email me. ^_~


Blueicegal ♥ said...

hey hun, same here kinda busy with Ramadan and then college starts soon urgh! aww that sucks, i hope things get better soon, i miss you girl, hopefully will be online at the same time soon and catch up, love the cover btw! take care and cheer up *cuddles*