Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Dream Cast for Tithe

Remember Alisha's super creative contest for Tithe?  Well if you don't check out her awesome contest HERE! I finally got my cast list put together!  Woot!  Took me FOREVER!  And while I didn't get everyone to match exactly how I pictured them, I'm satisfied.  ^.^

I picture Emma Stone as Kaye.  I love Emma's freckles and she has naturally squinty eyes so I think she's a perfect match for Kaye.  Throw some blonde hair on her and some sweet outfits and you got your girl!  
For Roiben who better than Ben Barnes?  Besides being a total hottie, he's got the amazing bone structure going on.  Plus he already knows how to wield a sword.  Perfect! Can you say hottie?!

So I know Lizzy Caplan is way too old to play Janet, but her look just matches EXACTLY how I picture Janet.  Ironically enough Lizzy played Janet off of Mean Girls.  Is this fate?!  
And who better to play the nerdy Corny than Jesse Eisenberg.  Jesse is just sooo freakin adorable!  And completely hysterical in Zombieland.  Love that kid! 

Who to play Kaye's eccentric mother?  I couldn't really bring anyone to mind but I thought Heather Graham could pull off the druggie/rock/ wannabe mother very well. 

And who in the world could play the Seelie Queen Silarial?!  Julianne Moore of course! 

And who to play her opposite the Unseelie Queen Nicnevin?  The first person who came to mind was Tilda Swinton.  She just plays the best bad guys! 

And just for fun I threw in Bryce Dallas Howard as Roiben's sister.  (I can't recall her name)  But she is just so gorgeous in this pic! 

Wow... I didn't realize how many red-heads I picked.  Lolz.  Maybe I just love red hair... ya that's probably it.  It's just such a pain in the ass to get out of your hair though!  :P


ALN said...

I love your picks! I especially like Jesse Eisenberg for Corny and Ben Barnes for Roiben. Good choices!

ALN said...

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Ky said...

Thank you! I feel a lot better now. Lolz.