Monday, June 14, 2010

BEA Giveaways around the Blogosphere

Every time I see a post titled BEA anything I get severely depressed all over again.  Next year I tell ye!  *shakes fist*  I told my friend about it and she got all big eyed, so I think I have a NYC buddy for next year.  *evil grin* So anyway onto the nice giveaways of shiny books!  :) 

Rebecca @Vicarious Reader is holding her first giveaway and generously decided to share the ARC love!  She's giving a copy of Lauren Oliver's Delirium.  Since I got an ARC of before i fall I figured what the heck!  Lolz.  Check it out!

Sandy Shin is also having a giveaway!  Matched  by Allie Condie is up for grabs!  Can you tell I'm obsessed with this book? This is only what?  The 3rd giveaway I've mentioned for this book... Hehehe. HEY!  I want it REALLY REALLY badly.  Can you blame me?

YA Highway is also having an amazing giveaway! Eight, yes I said EIGHT, books are up for grabs!  And hahaha... guess what?  Matched  is one of the potential prizes.  I'm obsessed okay?!  Leave me be! There will be four lucky winners!  Shoo shoo!  Go check it out! 

And last but not least Cry Havoc is also having an amazing giveaway!  She's celebrating 120 follower and has an amazing selection of books up for grabs!  There will be two lucky winners and of course more winners will be added with more followers!  So shoo!  Go follow! 

Maybe with all of these contests I'm entering I'll actually WIN one.  Unlikely I know.  But hey!  I can hope!  Can't I? My bad luck will eventually break... right?  Lol. 


Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

I am going next year too! No way will I miss it :)

Malbebe said...

I get sad too that I missed out on BEA. Its all anyone talks about. I want to go next year. Only thing is that its not a free event like I thought it was. To get in you have to pay about 200 dollars!

Ky said...

O.O OH shit! Why does no one mention things like this?