Friday, May 28, 2010

Sno-Cone! Again...

So soon you may wonder?  Yes.... I'm an addict.  I admit it.  Even though I KNOW there are five pounds of sugar per gallon of that colorful goodness that is the syrup.  I just can't help myself!  Oh and can you believe it?!  I got SUNBURNED from having a sno-cone!  Fifteen minutes tops!  In the sun!  I don't know whether to be outraged or feel pathetic that I am that ungodly pale. 

Anywho moving on.  :P  Here's the link to the FORM if you haven't already entered!  And what the hell. It's international.  I just decided.  This is the thing that is wonderful about the Book Depository.  :P  So yes Aly you can enter!  Haha! 

Sno-cone flavor: Wedding Cake (vanilla, coconut, and cream)
Taste: Sweet, but just oh so good. 

Who's my hottie?  Okay so if you thought I was obsessive about Maria V. Snyder... well ya.  I got news for you.  I'm more obsessive than even her books.  I am absolutely in love with Kylar Stern from Brent Week's Night Angel Trilogy.  It seriously depresses me that he's not real!  The pic to the left I thought was a nice little mash up of all the covers.  It's rather ironic that I had Wedding Cake today because I would marry Kylar in a heart beat!  Kylar's a wetboy (assassins have targets, wetboys have deaders, because wetboys don't miss).  Favorite line ever!  And of course no one ever has the slightest idea what I mean by a wetboy.  >.<  Oh the aggravation.  He's deadly with practically anything.  Swords, knives, his hands, etc.  He would be scary if it weren't for the fact that he has such a great heart.  While he kills for a living, he still looks after his childhood friend from the slums.  He feels responsible for what happened to her as a child, and became her secret benefactor and made sure she had a loving family to take care of her.  He's caring and honorable, and just an amazing wonderful individual.  And well the fact that he can kill in a blink of an eye, that just makes him hotter.  :P  One of my all time favorite characters, and all time favorite series.

Melt Rating:  Evaporated.  There's nothing left.  *fans self* 

Sidenote:  Hey for those guys who read my blog (very few but I know you're out there) you can just vote for the books you would like.   That would be rather awkward, as my friend keeps reminding me!  (You hear that Mike!  I remembered!) 


Michael Antonio Araujo said...

-waves- Hi I'm Mike! Lol xD Aww you did remember! And all of these books seem so badass! Assassins? Where have I been? Idk which to choose now lmfao =D Plus there's going to be more =O!

Ky said...

I have a thing for guys with swords. I can't help myself. :P I cannot believe you have not read these books!