Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prince of Persia!

So yes I am a totally sick individual and went and saw this the day it came out.  What can I say.  Jake Gyllenhaul is a hottie.  I can't help it. XD                                                                                                     

It was AWESOME!   I've never played the games, but from what I hear the games are just as amazing as the movie!  I really liked the story line.  Dustan, adopted by the King, was a just a normal kid struggling to survive on the streets.  When he saves another young boy from a beating, he was to be punished instead.  The King saw valor within the young child and took him into his household.  He saw the spirit of a King in Dustan, even though his blood was not royal.  

Years later, Dustan still has the streetwise skills he's learned as a child.  I swear he is part ape!  He leaps and climbs things that quickly!  I think I might have been gaping, my mouth wide open, 1/3 of the movie.  The stunt work was amazing to say the least.  Did I mention that Jake got ripped for this movie?  Not like  6 pack ripped but still.  He has VERY nice arms and appreciative abs.  :P  Plus I loved the scruffy rogue look he had going.  Why do guys with stubble seem way hotter than when they are clean shaven?  Prime example:  Viggo Mortensen.  *sighs*  Ah Strider, you hottie. 

Anyway!  Back to Prince of Persia!  I thought I was going to be annoyed by Princess Tamina, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Yes you may recognize the actress as Io from Clash of the Titans.  I am pleased to announce that she is a lot  more kick ass in Prince of Persia.  She is the Guardian of the dagger and is sharp tongued and clever.  When she is captured by the Persians and presented to the King there is the funniest line! "Dustan does not have a wife... you two shall marry."  (Dustan looks petrified) "What's this Dustan?  You can leap into a fray against 200 warriors, but the thought of marriage terrifies you?" (Dustan): "I need a drink."  Bahaha!  I laughed heartily!  Sorry that was random but I had to share!  

I loved the ties to world history as well!  I was sitting there going "OMG! The Mughal Empire!  I know what that is!  The Hindu Kush!  I know what that is!"  Who knew AP World History would pay off?  And thanks to Angels and Demons I knew what Hassassins were!  I was like "whoa!" I got to explain to mi madre and I enjoyed rambling over it.  Knowing random facts is so much fun! And to make things even better, this movie was FUNNY!  It  had a lot of laugh moments, which I was very pleased with.  It's always nice to have that extra added element of hilarity thrown in the mix. 

The movie, while at times was a tad predictable still held some surprising twists.  The ending caught me COMPLETELY off guard!  I was just like "NO FLIPPING WAY!"  Though I have to say the ending was PERFECT.  Absolutely loved it!  Although this wasn't the absolute best movie I have ever seen it was still very good and I recommend seeing it! Soon!  And if you don't like it, then at least you can see the nice eye candy that is Jake.  *waggles eyebrows* 


Stormi said...

I have played the video games and they are some of my favorite games. I thought the movie was a bi different than the games, still carried sort of the same storyline but the Sands of Time game was totally different. One of the big things that I liked that transfers from Game to movie is all the cool jumping, sliding, climbing, basicly all of his streetwise ways of getting around. That is the stuff that makes the game cool and its what made the movie cool.

Not a fan of Jake Gyllenhaul and there could have been someone way better than him to play the part but he did okay.

Paper Cut Reviewer said...

Nice pic of Jake!Oh yeah back to the movie lol....I'm gonna see it tomorrow and from what you have said Ky I can't wait to see it:) Thanks for the eye candy!

The Insouciant Sophisticate said...

I loved the film and ogling Jake! I used the same picture for my post on Prince of Persia coming tomorrow! He's just so delicious and I would probably not have seen this if not for him.

Unknown said...

Im coming for you Jake!
I got to see this!

Michael Antonio Araujo said...

I've played the games so many times and the movies looks so tough lol. It's epic that it's good. I might see it next week though. Possibly =D no idea yet haha