Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Guess what?!!! My dear friend Andrea @ Loud Words and Sounds is having her first contest!!!  Woooo!  Congratulations girl!  She's celebrating 100 followers and giving away some awesome prizes!  Steph @ Papercut Reviews has generously donated some of her books as prizes and Andrea is offering to design wonderful blog headers, customized buttons, and etc for other lucky winners!  Andrea is a wonderfully creative person and has talent up the wazoo.  Yes I just said wazoo, shut up.  :P

Show your support and ENTER!   I want her to have over 200 followers by the time her contest is over!  She deserves it!  Plus if you follow me or her other affiliates you get bonus entries!  So be making sure to follow these wonderful bloggers! Okay, enough blathering!  Shoo shoo! Go enter! 


Darlyn said...

that is sure interesting!

Mg (LWS) said...

Awe thanks Ky! :) I didn't even tell you to do this. I really need to do an affiliate post so I can write nice things about you. :P

Ky said...

Write nice things about me anyway. :P Hahaha. And of course! You don't even need to ask! ^.^