Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My first sno-cone!

So today, as I  knew it was going to be, was an awesome day.  I stayed up until 3 in the morning last night, got up at 8, cleaned  the kitchen, went out for coffee and ended up talking with my friend for 3 HOURS, grabbed a quick bite for lunch(cuz I hadn't eaten breakfast) and went and got my sno-cone with my best bud!  Great start to this hopefully fun giveaway! 
Some quick rules:

1. Have to be a follower
2. Open to U.S. and Canada (I'm thinking about opening up internationally...maybe)
3. Extra entries for blogging about the Meltdown or posting it on your sidebar
4. Extra entries for following my lovely affiliates! 

Remember you can enter now!!!! However you'll have to wait to vote!  Remember YOU get to chose the 3 books that will be the prizes!  Vote for your top three favorite hunks and their corresponding books!   I'll have the poll up towards the end!  Here's the FORM!  Enter, enter, enter!  ^.^ 

Sno-cone Flavor:  Girls Night Out (which is strawberry daiquiri and fuzzy navel)
Taste: YUMMY!  It's one of my faves because I love strawberry daiquiri's and it's just so fruity! 

So who is my first "melt" worthy hunk?  Well you all know I am a huge fan of Maria V. Snyder.  Who better to start off the Hunk List than Valek?!  The most dangerous and feared man in both Ixia and Sitia.  Protective, smart, strong, dangerous, and sexily stealthy.  *fans self*  God I'm imagining him in one of his stealth/spying outfits right now and just ahhh.  *drools*  Did I mention he's artistic?  And he's a kickass fighter.  And just ah-mazing.  *gazes off dreamily*  Valek's pretty much my dream man.  Could you tell?  If you haven't read Maria's wonderful Study books, you need to because you cannot be without the hotness that is Valek!

Melt Rating:  Puddle!!!  He's too hot to even put up a fight! 


Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Lol this will be awkward for the men who enter. And sorry about yesterday. My neighborhood had a blackout and I almost killed whoever made it go out. -___- And it only came on around 4 so it was kind of late.

Btw I made a blog post and I kinda added something for guys. Nothing changed just what I asked if I could just vote for the novel instead of the guy lol. It'll help more adults to enter.

Women Bloggers don't consider any men these days. =D

blueicegal said...

ohh valek sounds yummy, awesome contest girl as always of course! :)

Ky said...

Sorry Mike I forgot! And hey I said vote for your favorite hunk AND corresponding book! So I kind of remembered! Lolz. I'll make sure to clarify that point my next sno-cone. :P

Leilani @Leilani Loves Books said...

Dang, now I want a snow cone.
It would have to be Bones from The Night huntress series by Jeanine Frost.
Whew, he is smoking!!!! and ill fight with you if you deny Ky, remember, Carlos is better than Alex! but I still love him.

ladystorm said...

Very interesting contest!

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Creative contest! Thanks.