Sunday, May 30, 2010

Desert Tales Vol. 2! Waha!

So you know how I had that wonderful sno-cone the other day?  Well I went and bought $40 dollars worth of books right after.  SHHH! Don't tell mi madre!

Synopsis: The stakes are rising, and Rika finds it harder to ignore Faerie politics. As a former mortal and now a solitary faery, she has relished the isolation and freedom of the desert. But new players are seeking power, and old allies are imperiled. As tensions mount, Rika must decide whether—and how—to act to save her independence and her romance with Jayce.

My Review:  The second volume continued the story wonderfully.  Though at the beginning it took me a bit to realize that there was a small time skip.  So don't be totally confused like I was!  Shionnach (I probably spelled that wrong)  is trying to reign in the desert fey.  Where there are no ties to any court or king, it is only brute force that keeps the fey in line.  Shionnach is the Alpha in the desert, but his place is being challenged by Maili.  Maili believes that Shi has grown weak due to his affection for humans and mortally wounds Shi with multiple stabs with a rusty iron spike.  Leaving him to die from the poison running through his veins, he is only found when Rika and Jayce stumble upon his body.  With Shi out of commission Rika discovers that she'll have to step up as Alpha.

I liked how Rika's character has progressed.  She started off very inward, never wanting to be involved with other faeries.  She just wanted to be left alone to her art.  Though it took much prodding and some stimulus from Shi to get her out of her own little world, she finally is taking notice of the rest of the world.  She stands up to Keenan and makes her point to Maili and the other fey through force.   

I really enjoy Shi's character.  Though he has often lied to Rika to get her to do what he thinks is best,  I wouldn't call him manipulative.  He's only thinking about what is best for the fey and humanity alike.  He pushed Rika towards Jayce, knowing that if she was tied to a human then she would care more with what was happening in the outside world.  She'd have a personal stake in the way faeries treated humans, and Shi needed Rika's help.  Though Rika is upset when she finds out, I still side with Shi.  He's witty, funny, and just an all around great guy.  I love the fact that he's a fox faerie too.  He might be enigmatic and never truly reveals what he's planning but deep down behind all the false bravado he truly cares.  I loved how he claims to not do "relationships" and tends to just have casual sex with anyone who is willing, but Jayce saw right through that and knows that Shi's new protectiveness towards humans was because of a girl.  I find myself loving his character and hoping that everything works out for him.  

My only critiques yet again are that there just seemed to be 4-6 page stretches with no dialogue, internal thoughts, or anything!  Yes I like to look at pretty pictures but when there's a fight scene going on I want witty dialogue, not just lots of drawings!    At times I kind of struggled to follow what was going on.  The dialogue was choppy at times and suddenly switched randomly, or so it seemed until I went back and re-read it a couple of times.  I would have really liked to see Jayce and Rika's romance DEVELOP.  It just seems like "oh first kiss" to "I love you!" Don't get me wrong I love the two as a couple, but I just wish there would have been transitional time for them to grow first. 

One more thing before I finish.  DONIA'S BACK!  Woot woot!  I adored the way they introduced Donia again at the very end!  I'm dying for the 3rd one because I can't wait to get more of Donia!  Just has me eagerly awaiting at the edge of my chair!  I have to show you guys a pic because I think she's beautifully drawn!  Can't wait for the 3rd volume!  That way I can devour it in under an hour like I did with the other two.  :P