Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Clue # 4!

So getting up extra early in order to have time to post these before I get to school is a bit tiresome... but I'm doing it anyway.  Lol.  I'm sitting on my bed, typing away and my mom is just like "Are you completely attached to that thing or what?" Granted I spend a ton of time on my laptop, but hey come on!  I'm doing a contest here, give me a break! 

Okay, okay, yes I'm moving on.  Here's clue numero four! 

In Cinda Williams Chima’s most recent novel Han’s Alister, a former thief, used to go by another name. What is his former name, and what was the source of his namesake?

Click HERE to enter your answer! You know the rules!  Happy hunting!  And I am off to go get me some yummy stuffed French toast!  Yay for schedule changes that I don't have to go to! Muwahahhahahahaha!