Saturday, May 1, 2010

Clue #2! The Scavenger Hunt Contest continues!

The fun continues!  For full contest rules, follow the handy dandy link! Here is clue numero dos!  This next clue is a quote! Guess the book correctly and thou shalt be rewarded!

The swan. Swimming towards us like a swan possessed. Wings flapping furiously as it came, and then it was on the shore in front of us, making a noise that sounded like nothing else in this world, like all the worst parts of a dying rabbit plus all the worst parts of a crying baby, and there was no other way, so we just ran. I hit the swan at a full run and felt it bite into my ass. And then I was running with a noticeable limp, because my ass was on fire, and I thought to myself, What the hell is in swan saliva that burns so badly?

To enter your answer click HERE!  Remember no cheating por favor, so that means no posting answers in the comment box!!!   I have no idea why speaking in Spanish is going to make a bit of a difference, but I find myself blurting it out randomly anyway.  XD