Friday, May 28, 2010

Awesome contest pimpage!

So yes as the title suggests I'm pimping out some AWESOME give aways!  These gals are so generous and I felt obligated to spread the love!  ^.^  Stella @ Ex Libris is having a 222 follower extravaganza!  You could potentially win the 2nd book of 6 great books!  I love the 2 theme going on, and even though I haven't read any of those series, YET,  it will certainly motivate me to read the first ones!  Lol! 

Valerie @ I Should be Writing is also having an AH-MAZING contest!  Her birthday is coming up and she has been so nice as to share her favorite books from this year!  Happy early birthday Valerie!  There is a Readers Grand Prize and a Writers Grand Prize so get over there now! 

Thanks gals for these great contests!