Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So I'm pretty late in posting this.  Shame on me!  But hey I finally got the post up!!!  So my BIG news is that I am now an affiliate for some of my good blogger friends!  And they are likewise affiliates for me!  Give a big hand for Andrea from Loud Words and Sounds, and Aly from Fantasy 4 Eva!  Haha yes these are both familiar names because they are also my partners in crime for Speak Your Mind!  XD  Here's a little word from the both of them!

Aly: Hi all, Im just your average 18 year old searching for big and better things. In my spare time, I love to just relax, that would consist of chilling in bed with some galaxy alongside with a cup of tea, and a great book in my hands, maybe do some writing perhaps some deep thinking, now for some people that might sound boring as hell, for me its sheer bliss. I love having me time, where I can just get lost in a book or my own thoughts, and so between all this gibberish formed my blog, what better way to express myself? Since I've started blogging I've found a new way to meet fellow book lovers like myself, since more or less all of my mates don't even understand the concept of books, it's a nice change. I find blogging almost therapeutic, without it I wouldn't be a very happy girl that's for sure! :D

Andrea: So I'm a basic bookworm and music nut. I love listening to rock (alternative preferably) and reading some type of novel. I don't really have many friends but the friends I do have are the best a girl could ask for. I adore playing the clarinet and writing stories, while also working with computers. And I can semi speak some French. Loud Words and Sounds is my blog, and I started it on a whim, and it basically reviews anything I want it to. But I stick to music and books.

In the future we'll be doing guest posts, contests, and much much more!  Speaking of contests Andrea is having her first giveaway!  Her interview with Meridi Myers and her giveaway can be found HERE!  It's a great giveaway and a chance to meet an awesome author!  Congrats Andrea on your awesome giveaway! 


Unknown said...

Hey what about me?
haha jk.

Mg (LWS) said...

Leilani we (well I) love you!!!! Don't worry your amazing.

And ky thanks so much!!!! :)

Blueicegal ♥ said...

lmfaoooo aahahhaa aww thanks kay, my affiliate post is up to, have a look :)

Paper Cut Reviewer said...

Hi Ky pretty cool:)

Ky said...

Is it letting me post comments now?

Ky said...

YES! VICTORY! (sorry blogger was sending me that damn annoying ERROR message! GRRRR)