Friday, April 16, 2010

Random thoughts...

So in a fit of boredom I find myself wanting to do a blog post, yet I don't have anything relevant enough to say to do an actual post.  So I figured I'd just combine a bunch of my random musings and thoughts because frankly I am tired and trying to keep myself awake.  :P

Random Thought #1: I received an award!  This is my second one, so I feel all mushy gushy inside right now, which combined with my utter exhausted state is not resulting in a good state of mind.  A big thanks and virtual hug to Chase from ...And then I woke up...!  And just because I think you're awesome I'm sending a virtual cookie too.  :D  And of course I have to pass along the award, so here are the top 10 blogs who I think deserve some recognition for being highly original. 
-A Trillian Books
-Flipping Pages for All Ages
-Lost in Ink
-Loud Words and Sounds
-Paper Cut Reviews
-Reversing the Monotony
-Fantasy 4 Eva
-Caffeine and Romance
-Booknerds are Pretty Too
-A Reader's Rambling

I adore reading every blog listed here!  So keep up the awesome reviews and entertaining stories!  :D

Random Thought #2:  I'm re-reading Melissa Marr's books right now (I'm currently on Ink Exchange) in preparation for the release of Radiant Shadows.  So this is partially inspired by guilt as well.  I haven't read Fragile Eternity yet.  Shameful I know, utterly horrible.  I should be beaten.  I've had it just sitting in the folds of my computer just waiting to be read, and I just haven't.  Thankfully this travesty will soon be resolved considering I devoured Wicked Lovely fairly quickly and I'm already making head way into Ink Exchange.  Just thought I'd share because my love for these books has been newly rekindled since I'm re-reading them.  I've fallen in love with Seth and Irial all over again.  There is just something magical about these books that keeps me entranced.  Strong feminine characters, irresistable dark hunks, faeries, plots and intrigue.  What more can you ask for?  A review for Fragile Eternity will hopefully follow shortly.  Well... at least within the week.  Haha. 

Random Thought #3:  Remember that post I did forever ago on why working at a pizza place sucks?  Ya, well, here is the sequel.  So you know how every single pizza joint is doing that whole "10 dollar pizza" hype?  Well just to make this clear, the place I work at did it FIRST.  Anywho, I am so sick of it!!! We did it for a promotion months ago.  Then we did it again for the Super Bowl.  Then we did it for all of March.  And what is our special for April?  Stupuid 10 DOLLAR PIZZAS!   Just to show you how infuriating it is here is a list of stupid questions I get asked every time I work.

Convo #1:
Customer: "Now on your special does it include family sized pizzas?"
Me: "Yes it does, it's any pizza any size."

Convo #2:
Customer: "Are your stuffed pizzas on special for $10?"
Me: "Yes, it's any pizza any size."

Convo #3:
Me: "Would you like to hear our specials?  We're currently featuring our any pizza any size for $10"
Customer: "I would like to do the special."
Me: "Okay what pizza would you like?"
Customer: "No, I want the special."
Me: "No, what pizza would you like?  You get a choice of any pizza off our menu or build your own for up to 3 toppings."
Customer: "Uhm....hmmm"

Are you noticing a recurring theme here, because I sure am!   How stupid can people be? Any pizza, any size means ANY PIZZA, ANY SIZE! I swear it's like I'm speaking German or something! Plus when someone orders a large and I ask if they'd like to do the family instead since it's the same price I get variations on "Oh really?  I'll get five pizzas then!" or "Oh really?!  I'll have three stuffed pizzas!"  Honestly if I could smack customers and not get fired I would.  Phew... okay I think my rant is over.  For now... there is likely to be further rants and rages over my job. 

So I think I finally ran out of random thoughts.  I shared an award, gushed about books, and ranted.  I think I accomplished my need for a blog post.  One of the things I love about blogging is I can totally unload what has been floating around in my brain all day.  It's like emptying out the trash.  Actually... more like the Pensieve from HP.  Haha!  Harry Potter reference!  Gotta love it. So yes, thank you for listening to my horribly random sporadic thoughts.  I appreciate it, trust me.  :P


Blueicegal ♥ said...

Ok im kinda confused now kay, did you cheak out my blog, where i awarded the honest scrap award i awarded it to you and chase, and in return chase awarded it to you and you to me, lol can you award it to me even though i origionally awarded it to you wow i have never been so darn confused lol

Ky said...

@.@ I'm confused too... I never saw it over at your blog... unless of course I'm blind, which knowing me I would miss that... lolz. Omg let's just leave it. Haha.

Blueicegal ♥ said...

hahaha yeh like what did i say again ?? i seem to have forgotten omg i have an honest scrap award thank you kay!!! Bahahahaha *grins*