Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Spy

I Spy is a weekly segment that will preview any new book (and occasionally movie or other random item) that I think is noteworthy or am intrigued by.  Mostly it will be books to watch out for!  New and exciting upcoming reads by new authors and old alike. This week's I Spy is WWW: Wake by Robert J. Sawyer!  For once I actually own the book that I am previewing.  I just recently found this when I was book stalking on Amazon, and low and behold I actually found it at my local bookstore!

Synopsis: Caitlin was born blind, and when, newly arrived in tenth grade, she is offered a chance at an experimental procedure to give her sight, she leaps at it, despite previous disappointments. When she returns from the Tokyo hospital in which she underwent the procedure, it seems a failure. Soon enough, though, she discovers that, instead of reality, she is perceiving the Web. What’s particularly interesting is the background noise. Something strange is floating around behind the nodes of normal Webspace; a closer look reveals that, whatever it is, it’s not just meaningless noise.

I am a new fan to sci-fi.   When I read the description of this off Amazon I couldn't help but go "Epic!"  It is such a unique premise.  Just imagine being able to actually SEE the internet.  How cool is that?  The idea also that the internet has developed some sort of conscious being is very awesome as well.  Since our world revolves around technology and particularly the internet, it is very cool to see an original story idea.  I am super excited to read this and it's on deck for TBR!