Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fancy-ful Designs!

Fancy-ful Designs is a way for me to feature album art, book covers, or just awesome fan-art that I think deserves some recognition.  Okay so I know I did some fan-art a while ago, but I'm going to do another one because it's THAT BEAUTIFUL.  Remember here, full disclaimer: This art is not mine!  I cannot stress that enough because I don't want to get sued.  This wonderful piece of artwork was done by *Kuraime. Titled "Comfort of Thorn" it depicts Thorn and Murtagh.  I absolutely adore  Murtagh so I'm in love with this.  Look at the prettiness!

What may you ask made me look around Deviantart like a crazed person to find this?  Well I watched Eragon on ABC family the other day because there was NOTHING else on.  Of course the only part of the movie I enjoy is Murtagh and his awesome smile.  Then  I was reminded of the tragic wonderfulness that is Murtagh, and by default how much I hate Eragon.  If those books were about Murtagh I might actually enjoy them.  However I am not going to dwell on this or else I might go on a very long rant about how much I want to punch Paolini in the face.  *breaths deeply*  Okay... rant averted. 

I love this artwork so much because it truly captures how tragic Murtagh's situation is.  Thorn and Murtagh are trapped in service to Galbatorix.  Eragon didn't help them, nobody did.  They were forced and yet they are still hated for betraying the Varden so to speak.  Murtagh even spares Eragon.  Despite everything he still tries to do the right thing.  I really just want Murtagh to come and kick Eragon's ass, because we all know that as evil as Galbatorix is he is power and a good teacher.  So yes.  Go Murtagh!  Boo Eragon.  Absolutely beautiful artwork, and no matter how many times I look at it I still geek out.  :D


rod said...

hey !i got no account in this site but i really wanted to tell how much i agree with you about Murtagh!
i just can't understand why people don't see what he's being through and that HE is the real hero!
he is an amazing character(the rest in the book suck..except for Thorn of course!)
no one helped him while he's worth it and so i believe they all deserve a very bad end!!!
i hope in the end paolini will show how great Murtagh<3 is those who think he "enjoys the power Galby has given to him" and that he is there with his own will because ,at least ,WE can see the facts and truth(and we also have a good taste!)

(SORRY FOR THAT!!!I KNOW I'M A COMPLETE STRANGER!HOPE I DIDN'T FREAK YOU OUT!i got only one person to talk afout the inher. and he likes eragon..(not to mention he believes Murtagh is bad..-_-
...ok i'm a bit crazy too....)(sorry again..and thanks!):D

Anonymous said...

You are so right. :)