Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dog Eared

Dog Eared is a chance to share some of my most worn "dog eared" books that I love to read over and over.... and over again. This week's Dog Eared book is Trickster's Choice  by Tamora Pierce!  I've never read any of Tamora's quartets or earlier books, but boy oh boy do I adore the Trickster books!  (And Terrier and Bloodhound of course.)

Synopsis:To the great joy of her many fans, Tamora Pierce with this book begins a new saga of Tortall to add to The Song of the Lioness Quartet, the Immortals Quartet, and The Protector of the Small tetralogy. At the center of each of these books is always a strong and resourceful young woman who masters the arts of swordplay and knightly warfare in the magical medieval country of Tortall. Alianne, or Aly, daughter of the warrior queen Alanna the Lioness, has all these skills, but also a delicious sense of humor, which serves her well when she is chosen by the trickster god Kyprioth to serve as his secret agent and a slave for a year in the embattled Copper Isles. There the dark-skinned natives, or raka, have been conquered and crushed by the laurin, light-skinned people from the mainland. The burning raka resentment is fueled by prophecies of a twice royal queen who will free them, aided by the "wise one, the cunning one, the strong one, the warrior, and the crows." Just how each of the colorful characters and Aly herself fit into this prophecy and Kyprioth's tricky plan keeps readers guessing. Aly plots to show her skill at spying as she flirts with the god and is courted by Nawat, a crow transformed into a handsome young man, who is puzzled when she rejects his attempts to mate-feed her with grubs and ants.

I love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVE this book!  I think this is the only book I own where whole sections of pages have literally detached from the binding of the book.  The binding itself is uneven...I think I need a new copy of this book.  I love it too much to see it suffer.  :(  Anyway... onto my ravings.  Aly is one of my all time favorite heroines.  I adore strong female heroines who are tough and can kick some ass.  Aly has a wicked sense of humor, amazing wits, and is a cunning spy.  Plus she has epic hand to hand combat skills.  :D  Tamora does an excellent job of balancing a bit of romance with amazing plot.  Nawat is the single most adorably confused crow/man ever.  He is just so adorable when he is confused!  He's so blunt and always shares his honest opinion.  Even though it may confuse others.  I can't think of another word that conveys the right balance of cute and awkwardness other than ADORABLE!  *insert fangirlish squeel*  Aly and Nawat are one of my favorite all time couples.  However it's not just the romance that keeps me reading.   The story is masterfully crafted and beautifully written.  It's entertaining, heartbreaking, and suspenseful all at once.  The sequel is just as amazing, so don't miss out!


Anonymous said...

Alanna is a knight and a baroness, but she's not the queen of Tortall. That's Thayet. :P

But yes, these books are amazing! Feminism + medieval fantasy + awesome worldbuilding + romance that doesn't suck = Trickster series. Tamora Pierce is still one of my favorite writers.

Ky said...

Haha. I didn't notice that descrip said "warrior queen" lolz. That is rather inaccurate. :D