Friday, April 30, 2010

Contest Kickoff!

Today is the start of my first contest!!!! Woot woot!  Are you as excited as I am?  Because I'm REALLY excited!   Here's a brief re-cap of how this is going to work! Beginning TODAY, I will be posting clues from certain books.  The clue could be a quote, a question about a character, or random bits of dialogue.  You might have to tell me the name of the book, answer a question, or identify a character.  You won’t know until I give you the next clue!  For every clue you answer correctly you get another entry towards the contest!  That means you could get 10 additional entries!  However this is all meaningless unless you know the prize!  The winner will be able to pick between 10 books, and of course those 10 books are the ones the clues have been pulled from!  For further rules look here!

The first clue requires some thought.  However, the answer to the question is also the title of the book!And the first clue is! Drum roll please!!!

What do you get to turn the outside in?

Answer the question HERE!   Please no posting the answer in the comment box!  Don't spoil the fun for others por favor!  Just a quick note here.  Every clue will have a separate entry form to prevent cheating.  Simply because it was the easiest way I could think of to keep everyone's entries straight.  There will be a Final Entry Form AFTER all 10 clues have been given, and there will be a tally box for how many entries you have.  I will be keeping track of how many entries each person has, so if you can't remember don't sweat it! *Hopefully I didn't just confuse y'all... haha*  Let the fun begin!!!


Unknown said...

I think this is a great contest! very original, look forward to more ?s

LexieVamp said...

Awesome idea! I really like this haha. xD


jpearson said...

Great contest but I need to know if my answer was correct!!!