Thursday, March 18, 2010

There's something wrong with me...

What is exactly wrong with me, you may ask?  Aside from the very obvious, ahem,  I clearly have a horrible addiction.  I started reading Perfect Chemistry last night at eleven.  I didn't stop reading it until 3:15 in the morning.  Sad thing was... I was almost finished with the book.  I finished it the next morning in less than an hour.  *le sigh*  There is indeed something horribly wrong with me.  Maybe it's some sort of new disease?  Biblophilia: noun- a mental handicap that is characterized by unparalleled amounts of obsessive reading.  If that is indeed the case, then I think we all suffer from biblophilia.  Then again... who says that's bad?  Haha. 

 Synopsis:Tough guy Alex is primarily known by his classmates as a dangerous member of the Latino Bloods gang. He’s not exactly thrilled when Brittany Ellis, the school’s seemingly perfect beauty queen, is assigned as his lab partner—and the feeling is more than mutual. But Alex’s bravado works against him when he impulsively accepts a bet that he can get Brittany in the sack. The romance that follows will not surprise any reader, yet Elkeles gives it heart by constantly switching point of view from Alex to Brittany to provide dual running commentaries on their minute-by-minute insecurities and urges. Brittany’s controlling parents and sister with cerebral palsy are well drawn, but it is Elkeles’ rendition of Alex and his life that is particularly vivid. Sprinkling his speech with Spanish, his gruff but tender interactions with his family and friends feel completely genuine. An idealized epilogue drains away some of the book’s realism, but if the “romance” angle isn’t pushed too hard, this is a novel that could be embraced by male and female readers in equal measure.

My Review: So after hearing a few of my friends gush about this book non-stop (cough-Almas-cough) I finally went and bought it.  At the time I had no intention of doing so, but it was a happy day indeed when I found it on the bookshelf.  It's clear from my formentioned reading escapade last night that I could not put this book down.  Willingly... I just couldn't stop myself.  All self control went out the window.  I just HAD to keep reading!  It's a great love story, though admittedly not much else.  There was really nothing ultra-amazing about this book.  The writing was good, but not amazing.  Plotline wasn't all that exciting, and there really were no twists or anything that kept me guessing.  Then again, this is a love story read.  So I wasn't really expecting anything overly exceptional.  Don't get me wrong though.  It was a really, really, really great love story.  The author kept the story moving along by switching view points back and forth between Alex and Brittany.  Alex is the ultimate bad boy, and don't you just know that I can not resist a bad boy.  Beneath the tough ganster surface, he's a wonderful guy who only cares about protecting his family in a violent world.  He's smart, but won't allow himself to even think of going to college because he knows more than likely he won't live to see the day.   Likewise, Brittany isn't the picture perfect girl she makes herself out to be.  Pressured to always maintain perfect appearances by her mother to compensate for mentally handicapped older sister, Brittany never shows her true self to anyone.  Despite the fact that Alex and Brittany come from two completely different worlds, there is a mutual understanding between the two, a certain amount of chemistry, that neither of them can ignore.  All in all, a great love story, and a quick read.  This definitely satisfied the girly romantic side of me, so if you're in the need of a good pick me up book you found it!


ALN said...

I've read this book last year, and although I liked it, I didn't finish it in just a few hours. I get your point that it is just a love story because that is how I saw it too. I too cannot resist a bad boy lol. There's just something about them.

Blueicegal ♥ said...

Muwahahahha well im glad you took my suggestion and read it, good review girl :)