Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Invaded by the Mad-Katter

Hi all you Bookmarkers! My name's Kat otherwise known as the Mad Katter. Ky has invited me to take part in this new story, and I am ecstatic to contribute. It is a lot of fun writing for people who might not have seen my work yet, so I hope you enjoy my installments. Learn more about me and read my other work at my blog  :)

 I stalked up to my room, knowing the solitude would bring me comfort. I threw my bag down on the hard wood floor, and acknowledging the satisfying thud, I sprawled stomach-up across my bed. I closed my eyes and breathed in and opened my ears up to the musky scents and familiar sounds of my ancient home. The feint patter of Nora creaking across the dusty floor boards, my dad's T.V. rumbling directly below me. The scent of leaves and just plain history swirled around me. This was calm and safe. My lovely escape where no one could get to me. No one to tease me, or judge me. These walls were my friends, these floors my family. My pillow was my own personal diary as I would whisper my secrets into it at night when I was lonely. God, I need real friends. I thought to myself. How incredibly amazing would it be to have flesh and blood people to just talk to. I opened my eyes.  Plastered on my high ceiling was a Kill Hannah poster, I stared at it as i pondered. Maybe I should have talked to my dad about the weird girl who had sat on the fountain. It wasn't a good sign, he would've wanted to know. But it was pointless of course. I mean what could he do? Chase the visions away like he had done with the monsters in my closet when I was five?

     If only. To just have daddy make them all go away. Then maybe I could be normal. Because half the time I believe they what drive me to be so weird. The visions i mean.

    But the girl had been so...alien. Like no other vision I had had before. So lifelike. laughing. smiling. Real. But no one else had even noticed her. Surely they would have done something if they had seen her. That was proof that she hadn't been real. Just a bizarre fantasy in my head. Nothing more. Nothing more.

    Tap. Tap. Tap.

    I lifted my head and looked around my room. Dresser. Bookshelf. T.V. stand. Everything seemed to be in its place, nothing unusual. Then my eyes scanned the window to see a large butterfly repeatedly slamming into the dirty glass. Strange. I thought. I stood and cautiously walked over to the window. The insect was fluttering outside, as if it was looking at me, waiting for something. My hands shook as I slid the window open, paint flakes chipped and fell to the ground. I held out my hand, half hoping it would come land on my finger, half hoping it would just fly away. It made me anxious. It didn't feel normal. But the further I leaned and the closer I came to the butterfly, the more it didn't look like a butterfly at all. It looked like...a girl. A tiny girl with wings somehow strapped to her back. Another vision. I told myself. But I stretched my hand even further, one foot off the ground teetering over the ledge. Somewhere in my mind I knew how dangerously far away the earth was, but all that mattered was touching that butterfly....girl. Whatever. The wind blew my hair back out of my face, and suddenly I was tilting over. Instantly aware of how stupid I was I reeled myself back into the room. The butterfly hadn't moved the whole time.

      "Careful. You might fall."
My head shot up and crashed into the window. My hands gripped my skull in pain. "Ouch!" I looked out at the big oak tree. There she was. Shimmering hair that appeared to be made from metal, streaming down to her knees. Whipping around her like a halo. Her skin was perfectly tan and sparkly. She was lean and tall. Like the girls in the glossy magazines every other girl carried in her purse. She wore a flowery green dress that reminded me of Spanish moss. She was barefoot. And her eyes! Just like a cat's. They stared back at me, daring me to blink. Daring me to miss one single movement she made. My brain told me on instinct I could miss so much of her with just a millisecond long closing of my lids.
        I backed away truly scared of her, because I knew in my heart this could not be a vision. She was alive. Real. She was gracefully poised, crouching among the brittle branches. They barely even bent under her weight.  Then she smiled at me. Two rows of sharp feline teeth glistened. I screamed as she suddenly leaped from the tree and straight through my window, arms stretched out in front of her. It reminded me of something you'd see on the nature channel; the powerful lion leaping in for the kill, as if it was nothing. She bounded to me and clamped a hand over my mouth. It was hard not to notice the claws where her fingernails should've been. My hands glued to my sides. I was frozen, stuck in this defenseless state.
        "Are you mad!? Cut that out!" I stopped screaming instantly. Anything she wanted. I'd do it.
        "Laurel?" My dad called and his footsteps clobbered up the stairs. I panicked at the thought of Dad seeing her.
        "Wonderful." Cat girl hissed and elegantly jumped to latch on to my ceiling fan. My mouth hung open as a million impossible thoughts and questions spun around in my mind. She brought a sinister finger to her lips making the universal sign for Don't you dare say a thing.
        My door opened I shut my mouth and stared blankly at my dad's head popping in. "What's with the all the yelling?"
        "Spider." I squeaked, amazed I could talk at all.
        My dad just shook his head and closed the door back. A sudden thud sounded behind me. I turned and cat girl was sitting cross legged on my floor. She was looking up, head cocked to the side. I crossed my arms over my chest. This girl couldn’t make me scared. Well she could. But I sure as hell could pretend she couldn’t.
         "You going to scream again?" I shook my head. "Purrrfect." She smiled to herself. "Sorry, I had to say it. It's such a great cliché."
            I just stared at her not sure what to do.

        She suddenly threw her arm out straight to the side. It made me flinch. The butterfly....or rather the girl with wings soared to perch on cat girl's wrist. She was also so otherworldly. She had peachy skin, and wild blue hair. Her wings were a magnificent orange color with blue and black markings. She was cute. Sweet. Sort of like a doll I used to play with when I was small.
        "Hi." Her cute voice cut through the silence like crystal. Her smile was brilliant. It made me grin back as well, but I'm sure it displayed my nervousness.
        "Uh...hi. I'm Laurel." My brain was barely functioning now, just sending me through auto pilot.

        Cat girl purred and little girl smiled as she said "We know. We've been watching you."
        "That's not creepy at all." I pointed out sarcastically. My fear was melting as I talked to her. Little girl laughed, ignoring my comment. "Who are you?"
        "Names aren't important now." Cat girl snapped. I sat down on my bed meeting her ferocious gaze, thinking of how I already knew I like winged girl best.
        "Okay...what are you?"

        Cat girl gave a sinister smile. "Isn't it obvious?"

        Then I was in front of the window. Just like that. Butterfly still fluttering in front of the window, as if nothing had happened. My head ached. "Just another vision," I whispered to the walls, the floors, the pillow. It had been the realest vision I'd ever had. But that didn’t make it anything more than what is was. Just a figment. A fantasy. A false hope that I had anyone to talk to. I opened the window, just like I had in the vision, but this time the butterfly was just a butterfly. It fluttered off to go do normal butterfly things, and I closed the window and went to lay down again to do normal Laurel things. Which was to be alone. 


Woo woo!  Thanks Kat for guest-blogging!  The next installment should be up sometime this weekend hopefully!  :D


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