Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In a productive mood today

So in addition to being on time with one of my weekly posts, I also have a book review! Yay me! Though I wouldn't quite call myself productive since I'm doing anything I possibly can to avoid doing my homework. So my review may have some ulterior motives.

Synopsis:I was the first child born to a hunted people, in the first winter of their flight. My earliest memory is of being carried on my mother's hip across barren plains, with wild mountains all around, and of rough tents made of skins stretched across sticks planted in the dust, of hunger and thirst and a feeling I did not like or understand, but which I know now was the fear that shadowed my people, as a wolf shadows a wounded deer.

Avala dreams of becoming a healer, but her dreams are not the same as her destiny. Hers is a mighty but lonely fate, for she is the chosen one—the one who will bring the Time of the Eagle, when the hunted will become the hunters and win back their freedom. It is a destiny that requires the spirit of a warrior and the heart of a healer. But does Avala have the courage to set the Eagle on its flight?

My Review:  So in a random trip to my local Hastings store I was idling in the teen section and happened to see this book.  It was used and in good condition and pretty darn cheap for a hardback so I read the inside flap.  Boy am I glad I picked this book up.  I can best compare it to The Foretelling  by Alice Hoffman.  Though the writing style is vastly different, the main characters both feel the obligation to do what is best for their people, even if that doesn't meet with their personal desires.  Avala is a caring soul who only desires to heal others.  Yet a huge prophecy looms over her head, that threatens not only her people but the fate of all nations.  Through Avala's kind heart she is able to bridge the gaps between nations who have been enemies since the beginning of time.  Avala is truly a character I admire.  While trying to help a dying man, she is taken prisoner by an enemy nation.  Though she is a prisoner she still heals her captor and saves his life.  She is betrayed, her hopes for the salvation of her people lost, and goes through trials that not many people can ever imagine.  I loved the bits of phrases like "a high lot", because they added great personality to the writing style and created a more thorough story.  The plot was well developed and believable yet still maintained elements of surprise.  I adored all of the characters and there was a very sweet love story intermingled within the plot.  And I mean really, really, really adorable type sweet.  The ending tied up everything perfectly and I was very satisfied.  Overall it was just an awesome story, with a heartfelt story line, and relatable characters.  Oh and I should probably tell you that this is actually a sequel.  Trust me I had no clue until I happened to look it up online.  I honestly had no clue this was the sequel to another book.  It was very easy to follow, so don't worry if you haven't read the first one.  Another great happenstance of a read.