Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fancy-ful Designs!

Oh my gosh. You all will be so proud of me. Not only did I write this AHEAD of time, but it's also ON TIME! Yay me! *pats self on the back* Okay moving on from my self congratulatory tirade. So I recently received the Jan/Feb Newsletter from Maria V. Snyder and guess what was inside?!!!! No not JUST another excerpt of Ice Study. Drum roll please... The cover for Spy Glass! And I tell you it is GORGEOUS, as you all can clearly see from the lovely picture provided.  I applaud whoever designs these covers because they are uniform yet uniquely different.  The colors for each are distinctive yet harmonious because orange really brings out both purple and blue.  (Yes my inner art geek is peeking through) I adore the fact that the glass in each and every cover is lit up from some inner light.  It just makes me go "Oooooohhh pretty" and stare at it like a deranged idiot.  I also love the fact that the cover models are never shown full on, or rather their faces.  The main character should be left for the reader to visualize, not have the cover artist visualize it for them.  Everyone interprets characters differently and I'm glad that the cover artist respects the readers enough to let them interpret Opals character in their own mind.  So yay for the artfully blown hair that covers the models face.  Subtle, yet effective.  I'm still eagerly awaiting this!  Okay more like on the edge of my seat, bouncing up and down, and gnawing my fingernails, waiting for this but alas, I shall have to wait until September.  Depressing I know, but I can be patient. Well... sorta patient.  I'll just have to find something else to obsess over.