Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dog Eared

Dog Eared is a chance to share some of my most worn "dog eared" books that I love to read over and over.... and over again. This weeks Dog Eared book is one of my all time favorites.  Okay... so I pretty much say that about all of my Dog Eared books, but hey I wouldn't be blogging about them if I didn't love them!  Haha.  Anyway... I don't know a single person who HASN'T read Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.  And well... if you haven't, then I suggest you start getting down on your knees and begging for mercy.

Snippet: Danica Shardae is an avian shapeshifter. She is a princess of her people who, like the birds they become, is reserved and disciplined, yet full of passion. Her people have been at war with the serpiente, a people who shapeshift into serpent forms, for so many years that no one remembers how it all started. The hatred and bloodshed have taken a heavy toll on both sides, and Danica and Zane Cobriana, a prince among the serpiente, are determined to stop it, at any cost. He is the last of his line as is Danica and so he proposes that the avian and serpiente royalty meet at a neutral place and seek mediation to end the war. The mediator proposal-that Danica and Zane marry-is so crazy and repugnant a plan that both parties leave immediately. The young people, however, consider it in spite of the apparent lunacy, for it would mean an end to the fighting. But can they pull it off? And can they keep the dissenters among them from destroying this shred of a chance for peace?

This is the first book in the amazing Kiesh'ra series (I own every single book) and I never, EVER get tired of reading them.   Though the first one is probably my favorite.  You get thrown right into Danica's world.  A world so full of magic, and strange customs, and just full of a rich history that it amazes you.  This is one of those rare novels that truly captures a whole other world.  It's so extensive and so well thought out, you think it's real.  It's one of the things I adore about this novel.  I become so emersed in the characters and in what is happening I literally forget it's a piece of fiction.  Danica is a strong young woman who will literally do anything for her people.  She's not some spoiled snooty princess.  She's strong willed, passionate, and willing to sacrifice everything to end her people's suffering.  The war has consumed everyone she has ever loved, yet she still finds the compassion to ease a dying young man's pain who is the enemy.  Her compassion and her capacity for love is awe inspiring.  Zane is the enemy.  A dangerous fighter, his hypnotic ruby eyes, and his fierce desire to protect his people makes him a dangerous prospective husband.  He's a wild card, thrown into Danica's controlled world, knocking her off balance.  She's at a loss of what to do, who she is, and what she should feel in his wild and emotional world of the Serpiente.  The ultimate Romeo+Juliet story, where two completely different individuals are able to look past the superfluous aspects of the other and learn to love the true person behind the facade.  Even just talking about this book makes me go all mushy inside.  I truly adore this book, and this whole entire series for that matter.  Man... doing all these Dog-Eared posts are making me want to re-read all of these books!  Woe is me!