Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Playing catch up...

Why does life have to be so crazy?!  So I have been an extremely horrible sickening excuse of a person and have totally ignored the internet and all of its addicting wonders.  Woe is me.  So in a mix of work, homework, 65th Anniversaries, big-ass school projects, and more work, I haven't had time to update my blog in a whole week!!!  Awful I know.  I feel horrid.  So now I'm playing catch up!  So there is going to be a few posts all at once.  Okay... probably more than a few.  Haha.

TIME-WARP to last Thursday!!!

Dog Eared!

Okay... so when I went to get a picture of my latest Dog Eared book, Peeps by Scott Westerfeld, I found the most terrifying picture ever!!!  Is that not the most horrifying thing you have ever laid eyes upon?!  Though I have to give props to whoever photo-shopped that.  It rather is epic.

Anyway, don’t let the photo deter you.  Peeps (not to be confused with those disgusting marshmallow wads of sick) is one of my favorite all time books.  I think I’ve actually read this more than I have Two Princesses of Bamarre.  Actually… I’m almost positive that I’ve read it WAY more.  And despite the photo, this book is not scary in the slightest.  It is quite possibly one of the most hilarious books of all time.  It’s the perfect mix of intriguing plot, romance, humor, science, and win all combined into one.  Peeps(short for Parasite Positive) are people infected by a disease.  More commonly known as vampirism.  Don’t you dare stop reading because I said it was about vampires!  These Peeps are not your ordinary vampires.  For one they are not steeped in mysticism.  There is an actual scientific explanation for their existence.  The main character is a carrier for the disease, and it’s his job to hunt down those he has spread the virus to.  In his quest he discovers a plot that will literally shake the foundations of the world and everything he was taught to be true.  It’s simply an amazing read.  Plus every few chapters you get the coolest little snippets of modern day parasites that are prevalent in the world.  You will never be able to look at your cat the same way again, knowing that he/she gave you toxoplasma that is now residing in your brain.  In addition to being hilarious, this book is also highly educational.  Haha.  Overall it’s just an amazing read, and you will read it over and over again.  I haven’t tired of it yet, and trust me I’ve read it very many times. 


Aye.Me? said...

I LOVE Peeps... but I know a lot of people who hate it. I think they don't really like the science-y side, which is what I think makes it awesome!

Ky said...

It makes it EPIC! I adore Cal so much. I just imagine the cutest guy with shaggy hair, a cute accent, and cowboy boots. XD