Friday, January 29, 2010

Reasons to never work at a pizza place...

So in a fit of utter boredom I realized how weird my job is.  I work at a pizza place (Papa Murphys) where we do take and bakes.  The last time I worked I simply had an epiphany of how many times I have the weirdest experiences there.  So because frankly I have nothing better to do right now, here is my list of weird strange things that happen to me at work. 

1.  It's ridiculous when a customers asks you "What's on the Chicken Bacon Artichoke delight?"  and I answer "Chicken, bacon, and artichokes,"  and they give you an annoyed look.
2.  When totally wasted morons call and want to order 200 pizzas
3.  When two guys stop outside the front of the store and take a picture of the sign that says "Doors must remain open during business hours".  I fail to see how that is worthy of a picture.
4.  When chicks too wasted on meth, who have no teeth, come in and order 5 meat stuffed pizzas.  I mean, I know the meth makes them have crazy munchies, but how do they actually plan on eating it?
5.  When you hand a pizza to a highly intoxicated individual, and they tear open the plastic wrap and start eating the pizza raw. 
6.  Being butt-dialed on the store phone.  Who honestly has Papa Murphy's on speed dial?  I mean really?

So everything but number five has actually happened to me.  One of my co-workers experienced that little bundle of joy.  But I thought it too good to pass up for my list.  Don't you want to work at  a pizza place now? 

If anything else weird and random happens to me I'll be sure to report it.  :D


LunaMoth said...

when i worked at Ninos Pizza, i had number 1 happen to me ALOT "whats on the buffallo chicken pizza" .. um.. chicken with buffallo sauce? then they get all pissy haha.

Ky said...

People are such morons sometimes. Lol.